How to treat psoriasis

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Psoriasis refers to chronic dermatosis. This ailment affects the skin. In order to determine how to treat psoriasis, you need to address this question to a specialist. The fact is that this disease is very individual. The task that confronts the physician is to select a course of therapy that is suitable for a specific patient. In order to get rid of psoriasis, it is necessary to be monitored by one and the same specialist who is a professional and has effective methods of treating this disease.

Before proceeding to the coursetherapy, it is important to remember that the existing methods of treatment do not give a complete cure for this kind of dermatosis. This is due to the fact that so far the causes of psoriasis have not yet been determined. However, the funds that modern medicine possesses make it possible to keep this terrible disease under control.

The world scientific community has developedrecommendations to determine how to treat psoriasis in a particular patient. The algorithm of sequential selection of drugs involves trial methods of certain drugs, as well as their various combinations. At the same time, the developed schemes are clear and optimized. This allows you to minimize the period of selection of medications.

The method, which allows to answer the question of whether,how to treat psoriasis, the expert chooses. His decision is based on the information base that was collected in the anamnesis, as well as on the assessment of the degree to which the disease is located, individual contraindications and other factors.

Currently, there are drugs forimprovement of the patient's condition in the manifestations of psoriasis, which are innovative means. They are created using the latest biotechnology (methods related to genetic engineering). In this regard, the therapy conducted using these tools is called biological. For example, a combined glucocortyroid medication has recently appeared, which includes dipropionate and disodium phosphate, as well as betamethasone. It is widely used for arresting conditions in the acute stage.

When a specialist decides howto treat psoriasis, without fail, except for medicines, physiotherapy procedures are included in the course of therapy. It takes into account the stage of the disease, its type and form of clinical manifestation. The prevalence of foci of the pathological process, concomitant diseases and age of the patient are also taken into account.

In addition, patients are mandatoryThey must stop using alcohol, and adjust their diet, eliminating the acute and fatty foods from it. The products containing easily digestible carbohydrates (jam, sugar, honey) are subject to restriction. Benefits in solving the problem with psoriasis will bring proteins. They are in large quantities in meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and berries.

Recipes of traditional medicine will answer the question ofhow to treat psoriasis at home. An effective means is the internal reception of a decoction obtained from laurel leaves. To wash the foci of skin lesions folk healers recommended infusion of crushed herbs yarrow. For internal reception, a decoction of a mixture of medicinal plants is recommended. It includes marsh rosemary and a three-colored violet, a medicinal fume and hoof leaves, as well as a centaury. Purify the skin and get rid of the disease will help turn, ointment from rose hips and oak, nettle juice.

Recipes of traditional medicine will prompt and how to treatpsoriasis on the head. They assume the use of simple means, which are always at hand. Tar soap or shampoo, apple cider vinegar, diluted with water, pharmacy chamomile and petroleum jelly reduce itching and reduce the degree of peeling of the scalp.

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