Red spots on the head: psoriasis and not only

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Often in the forums you can meet the following questions: "Are the red spots on my head psoriasis? Do I have psoriasis if there are brick plaques and the body itches? Which doctor should I contact? Can you diagnose yourself? "There are many answers, but, unfortunately, not always professional, so you should carefully read this article to get a minimum of knowledge about what is psoriasis.

You can only make the correct diagnosisdermatologist. Probably not immediately, but after a series of studies, for example, after examining the affected area under a microscope after a visual examination of the entire body. Do not believe if people tell you that this disease appears only in the area of ​​the elbows. Psoriasis is subject to the entire surface of the skin.

Red spots on the head, abundant dandruff, itching andthe appearance of wounds is the first signs of illness, so do not postpone the visit to a specialist. The disease has several forms, each of which manifests itself in different ways, so it is worth analyzing each of them.

Red spots on the head

Ordinary psoriasis. Characterized by the appearance of separate areas of reddened skin, which begin to become covered with scales. If you notice such spots under the scalp, do not self-medicate, and immediately go to the kozhvendispanser. A visit to a dermatologist at a local clinic will not help much: there is hardly any equipment in this medical institution that can identify the cause of the skin disease.

Guttate psoriasis. Red spots on the head in the form of small teardrop lesions are visible immediately. The cause of their appearance may be streptococcus, located, as in the resort, in the upper respiratory tract.

Pustular psoriasis. Appears in the form of purulent vesicles in different parts of the body. It is usually a reaction to drugs or chemicals used in the home or at work.

Reverse psoriasis. Red spots on the head do not appear, but the smooth surface of the plaques can be observed around the genitals, especially in the folds, sometimes under the breast, under the arms. If you often sweat or wear clothes made from coarse fibers, the disease will make itself felt pretty quickly.

Psoriasis of the skin of the head is itchystains, covered with scales. They are the largest flakes constantly fall on the shoulders, causing hostile reaction from passers-by or colleagues at work. If you do not want to become a loner and go with bald spots, then cut the hairline, then urgently begin treatment under the supervision of specialists.

What if the red spots itch? To overcome the itch help special ointments, but which of them to rub, will prompt only the doctor. In the pharmacies of your village, you can find a lot of drugs for this disease, so there should not be any obstacles to buying the drug you need.

Red spots itch

On the face can also make red spots. If they do not bring painful sensations, quickly disappear, then, perhaps, it is an allergic reaction to food and household chemicals or to the wool of pets. But if the touch to such hearths causes burning or itching, it is worth dialing a polyclinic number to get an appointment with an allergist or dermatologist.

Red spots on cheeks

Red spots on the cheeks often appear in theteenagers. This is due to a violation of the hormonal background during puberty. The main thing is to choose a cosmetic means for washing, stop squeezing out abscesses, eat right, take vitamins and regularly show your doctor.

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