Unnamed: What is this?


The fourth finger on the hand in Russian bearsthe name of the nameless. This name is also found in Sanskrit, Persian and Tatar. What is the reason? Why exactly the ring finger? So it was named because, in the opinion of representatives of these peoples, it does not bear any special functions and does not possess exclusive properties. But is it really so?

We'll figure it out!

In many other countries, the ring fingeris called annular. This is due to the tradition to wear on it an engagement ring - a symbol of marriage. In the Catholic faith it is worn on the left hand. This choice of a finger to confirm the bonds of marriage is by no means accidental. According to legend, only from the nameless on the left hand is a straight vein to the heart. In the Orthodox faith, everything is different - to wear the wedding ring is the ring finger of the right hand.

ring finger

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An important role is played by the ring finger in palmistry. This finger is responsible for the creative beginning of man. The longer it is, the more pronounced are talents and abilities for the arts. But the self-esteem of such people, on the contrary, is very low. The ideal ratio, according to the chiromantists, is the same length of the index and ring finger - then the person has both talent, and moderate egoism, and adequate self-esteem.

ring finger longer than index finger
It is believed that the first andthe fourth finger of the left hand helps a person to understand exactly how other people are treating him, whether their feelings are sincere. And the same gesture of the right strengthens own displays of emotions.


But the anatomy connects the ring finger withtestosterone level. The longer it is - the more this hormone is produced by the adrenal glands of a person. The length of the index finger is correlated with another hormone, a female hormone called estrogen. For this reason, by the way, curious statistics are revealed: among people with a long fourth finger there are many successful sportsmen. Their achievements are due to the fact that testosterone increases the level of aggression and speeds up decision-making - two things that are important in the competition.

ring finger of the right hand
But scientists from Cambridge also became interestedfeatures of this part of the body. And according to their research comes interesting statistics. Scientists have linked the financial success of London traders with the length of their fingers. And it turned out that the relationship between such, at first glance, different things is. More successful were those whose ring finger is longer than the index finger. And again, the reason, most likely, lies in testosterone. But if it is approximated along the length to the middle - then this is a sign of excitement.

But on the whole this wonderful properties of the fourthfingers end. In everyday life, the ring finger practically does not function without its brethren. This is due to the peculiarities of the location of the tendons in this part of the palm. Without the other fingers, the nameless is involved literally in a couple of activities. So, he can independently participate in typing on the keyboard, as well as his individual role in playing the musical instruments.