Inguinal hernia: why does it arise, how to detect and treat it?

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The inguinal hernia is a serious disease,which mainly occurs in men. Although not an exception is the appearance of pathology in women and children. It should be noted that the neoplasm alone does not resolve itself, so doctors should prescribe a certain conservative or surgical treatment to the patient. However, first you need to understand the symptoms and causes of the disease.

Why does a hernia occur, and how does it manifest?

inguinal hernia
The inguinal hernia can be oblique and direct, inward and unrecoverable, congenital and acquired. Among the reasons that contribute to the emergence of pathology, we can distinguish such:

- abnormality of a hole in the peritoneum after the sexual glands descend into the scrotum or pelvis (in this case, the internal organs may fall out);

- weakness of ligament and abdominal muscles;

- Excessive physical activity;

- high level of intra-abdominal pressure;

- pregnancy, prolonged cough and others.

The inguinal hernia can be determined by such symptoms:

- painful sensations;

- restriction of human movement due to pain syndrome;

- Disorder of the functionality of some internal organs, their partial bulging;

- blue color of hernia;

- squeezing of internal organs;

- possible occurrence of vomiting and nausea.

Features of conservative treatment of the disease

inguinal hernia
An inguinal hernia is a pathology that does notpasses by itself. It must be eliminated with the assistance of doctors. Concerning conservative treatment, it is considered ineffective. The fact that it is not able to eliminate the cause of the disease.

However, certain successes into achieve, especially if the hernia of the inguinal, the causes of which are the imperfection of the human body or excessive strain, is directable. For this, the patient should purchase a special bandage, which will help to keep the organs in place. However, it should not be too hard, since it will help increase the hernia. It should also be noted that the bandage can cause certain complications in patients.

Whether it is necessary to apply an operative measure?

hernia of the groin
Surgical operation is the main method,able to completely defeat the disease. Inguinal hernia may not interfere with a person without showing any symptoms. In this case, the operation may not be assigned. In other cases, intervention is considered the main method of treatment.

Suturing of the hernia is mainly used. You can do it on an outpatient basis. After the operation, the patient can be discharged on the same or the next day. She does not need general anesthesia. Often a laparoscopic method can be used for treatment. Any movement during the operation should be done correctly and accurately, although such interference is not considered difficult. The procedure lasts about half an hour.

It should be noted that this method is the mosteffective in controlling hernia. However, please note that after the operation you will have to recover for a long time. The standard rehabilitation period is 6 months. If the patient had any complications, then he can recover and longer.

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