The drug "Papaverin" (injections)

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The drug "Papaverin" (injections) isantispasmodic agent, which has an antihypertensive effect. The drug is able to inhibit PDE (Phosphodiesterase), cause the accumulation of cAMP (adenosine monophosphate cyclic) decrease in the level of Ca2 +.

The drug "Papaverin" (injections) relaxes andreduces the tone of the smooth muscles of internal organs (urogenital, digestive, respiratory systems) and vessels. Increased dosages can reduce the excitability of the heart muscle and slow conduction (intracardiac). The drug "Papaverin" (injections) has a weakly expressed effect on the central nervous system. In large doses, it has a sedative effect.

The effectiveness of the medication is noted twenty to forty minutes after administration. The effect of the drug may last from four to six hours.

The drug "Papaverin" (injections) is prescribed whenspasm of smooth muscles of peripheral vessels (with endarteritis), organs in the abdominal cavity (renal colic, spastic colitis, pilorospasm, cholecystitis), heart (with stenocardia in complex treatment), cerebral vessels (head). The medication is indicated during premedication (preparation for surgery) as an auxiliary medication.

It is not prescribed for glaucoma, hypersensitivity, AV blockade, in old age, with renal failure of severe course, in childhood (up to six months).

With caution, the drug is used in people who have had TBI, shock conditions, with insufficient adrenal activity, prostatic hyperplasia, hypothyroidism, supraventricular tachycardia.

The use of this drug can cause ventricular extrasystole, constipation, lowering of blood pressure, allergic reactions, drowsiness, eosinophilia, increased activity of transaminase "liver".

In case of an overdose, diplopia, drowsiness, weakness, and pressure decrease (arterial) are noted. Treatment prescribe a symptomatic, supporting BP.

"Papaverin" injections. Instructions for use.

Subcutaneously, intramuscularly inject twenty-forty milligrams (1-2 ml of a 2% solution) per day from two to four times. Intravenous injection is slow. Dosage is twenty milligrams.

The use of the drug "Papaverin" (injections) should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor.

During the therapy, ethanol intake should be avoided.

Clinically, the safety of the drug during lactation and pregnancy has not been established. The appointment under these conditions is not recommended.

At tobacco smoking, the vasodilating property of the medication is reduced.

The drug "Papaverin" is able to lowerhypotensive effect of methyldopa and antiparkinsonian efficacy of levodopa. Increased spasmolytic properties of the drug when used with barbiturates are noted. The hypotensive effect of the agent may be increased when combined with quinidine, reserpine, procainamide, tricyclic antidepressants.

The preparation is also available in tabletedform, in the form of suppositories. Candles have a local effect. Often they (suppositories) were used in gynecology to alleviate spastic conditions. Candles are considered a more powerful tool for relieving spasms of the pelvic organs.

The use of the drug in children should be controlled by a specialist.

Before appointment, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of having contraindications.

The intake of a tablet form of the drug in children should be controlled by a specialist.

The drug "Papaverine" is considered a fairly common drug for the removal of spasms. As clinical practice shows, the medicine is tolerated well by patients.

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