French citizenship: prospects and benefits of the EU passport

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France is a country with a largeimmigration experience. Since the time of the Great Revolution (1789), immigrants from different parts of the world have tried to obtain French citizenship. Since then, many workers have come to the country and it is believed that every fourth Frenchman has at least one ancestral immigrant. Every year, 100,000 people become citizens of the country. The oldest colonial empire and one of the leading industrial-agrarian countries of the world is still attractive for permanent residence.

Why for many get a passport of France - the cherished dream?
Becoming a full-fledged citizen of an eminent power means acquiring a lot of advantages.
High quality of life. Strong and stable economy is based on leading branches of automobile industry, pharmaceutics, perfume industry, tourism. On the production of wine, the country shares the first place in the world with Italy. The French - wealthy citizens - the net family income, after paying taxes, is 28,310 US dollars a year (in the US about 23,000).
The justice system is smooth and beautifulworking, provides security to citizens, their property and business. On the Champs Elysees after twelve o'clock in the morning one can meet old women, serene walking the pug.
Health is rightly proud of the country. Having French citizenship, you can use the best health care inworld - according to WHO estimates this is the first place among 191 states. In terms of the cost of medical services, France is second only to the United States (17% of GDP) and Switzerland (11.5% of GDP). The life expectancy of 82 years is the highest, and it's not for nothing that retired people from other countries are trying to acquire real estate somewhere in the French outback, not close to the sea, because there it is cheaper.

The beautiful mild climate of France is differenta wide range and opens the prospects for a variety of recreation - from skiing to sea resorts. Civil society is loyal to immigrants. The French are open minded and benevolent. The state monitors the provision of assistance to migrants and suppresses discrimination.
This is the leading scientific power. French universities (there are about 20 of them, including the world-famous Sorbonne and Montpellier) are accepted for training of anyone who wishes immediately after leaving school - but it is compulsory to pass the language proficiency exam.
The French passport opens free movement across all countries of the Schengen agreement.

How can I obtain French citizenship for Russian citizens?
This legal procedure can be quite successful, but for this it is necessary to live in the country for five years, during which, having residence, you enjoy all the privileges of a citizen of the country - freedom of movement, medical services, education. Having completed the necessary dossier and having completed certain formalities, it will be possible to obtain the second citizenship of France, preserving the available. When collecting documents, be careful with information on the Internet - it does not always reflect the true state of things. An inadequately prepared dossier may lead to a refusal when reviewing documents in the Consulate. French immigration legislation is somewhat confusing, but the lawyers of Eurogroup Consult, working both in Russia and France, will help cope with all the intricacies and nuances of French laws.

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