How to obtain the citizenship of Malta? How much does the nationality of Malta cost?

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The island state of Malta with its profitableposition in the Mediterranean, a warm climate, ancient culture and a high standard of living is attractive not only for tourists. Recently, more and more wealthy foreigners dream of becoming citizens of this European country. What gives the former citadel of the Knights of the Order of Malta such an attractive force for contemporaries?

This country, whose population is onlyfour hundred and fifty thousand people (as in a small regional center of Russia), since 2004 is a full member of the European Union. In addition, her subjects enjoy benefits in the UK. Thus, the citizenship of Malta gives the right to travel freely throughout Europe. Moreover, it is possible to travel even for the United States of America, since an agreement on visa-free entry has been signed between the two countries.

Nationality of Malta

A short digression into the history

This little reference is necessary to understand,why the Maltese citizenship legislation constantly indicates the dates "from September 1964 to August 1989". Earlier the island was a colony of Great Britain. Since 1964, a new independent state has emerged in the political arena - Malta. But the citizens of the island nation did not lose the status of subjects of the British Commonwealth of Nations. And those of them who have kinship ties in a straight line with the British, generally can have two passports - an independent country and an old metropolis. Until July 31, 1989, there was a law under which Maltese citizenship was granted by right of territory. That is, every baby born on the island automatically became a citizen of the country. To prevent a mass migration of migrants to the Malta on demolitions, the government changed the law. Now, citizenship is automatically granted by right of blood.

How to obtain Maltese citizenship

How to obtain Maltese citizenship

There are several ways to havenationality. The first of them (we already mentioned it) is automatic, at birth. This means that every child, regardless of where he saw the light, becomes a Maltese if at least one of his parents is a citizen of Malta. It is interesting that until the year 2000 only the position of the child's father was taken into account. But then the legislation changed in favor of equality of the sexes. Now the children of the Maltive, born outside the island, whose fathers are not citizens of the country, can be naturalized by registration. This procedure does not require a residence permit or permanent residence on the island. It can be passed in any embassy of Malta without any linkages with accommodation. In addition to the consulates of the country abroad, registration can be made in the Department of Affairs of Expatriation and Citizenship on the island.

Nationality of the country


There are other ways to become a full-fledgeda resident of the country. It's a marriage with a citizen of Malta. But this is a troublesome business. It is necessary to confirm the joint residence for five years and only after that get the passport of the citizen of the country. Too long to wait? But this happy five-year period can be lived anywhere: at least in Russia, at least in Malta, even in a third state.


Another way to obtain citizenship of the country -naturalization due to a long stay on the island. De jure requires five years of legal residence with the status of residence permit or permanent resident, but de facto all eighteen, which is six years more than in selective Switzerland. The minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is engaged in all questions on naturalization, that is, the entry into the citizenship of Malta. In practice, this authority gives a positive answer only if it is claimed by a person with refugee status or granted asylum for humanitarian reasons. It is noteworthy that the denial of naturalization is not issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Justice, but by the director of the strange institution "Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs".

How much does the nationality of Malta

Maltese Citizenship for Investment

Come on, as they say, on the other side. Since the beginning of the global economic crisis, some states have come up with how to replenish the national budget. Even before Malta entered the euro area (2008), it sold the status of permanent resident (permanent resident). To this end, a foreigner must meet the following criteria:

- its minimum income must be at least twenty-five thousand euros per year;

- own cash in the amount of four hundred thousand euros;

- during the first year of stay in the status ofhe undertakes to purchase real estate on the island for an amount not less than 75 thousand euros or rent it, paying at least two and a half thousand euros per year.

In addition, the applicant for permanent resident status is obliged to declare the sources of his income and regularly pay taxes. In return, the state of Malta provides him with such bonuses:

- without any visas to enter and leave the country;

- live on the island or outside it without time restrictions;

- to obtain visas to all states that have embassies in Malta;

- tax benefits for income transferred to the country.

Maltese Citizenship for Investment

Citizenship through investment

What does it mean? Recently, Malta sells citizenship. On October 31, 2013, the government launched a program to attract foreign investors. According to her, the procedure of naturalization looks even simpler than in the case of a permanent resident. You need to buy real estate, open an account in the Maltese bank with a round amount on it, pay taxes. A significant one-time financial injection will enable you to obtain a passport of a citizen of Malta in an accelerated mode.

It should be said that this country is a full-fledgedmember of the European Union, despite the fact that she joined this association only on May 1, 2004. This means that the citizens of Malta are not subject to the Transitional Provisions restricting the movement of labor, as, for example, in Central Europe. Thus, the inhabitants of the country can easily find employment in any power of the European Union.

How much is it?

Initially, the government programprovided for a simple investment infusion in the amount of 65 thousand euros. But later the bill was finalized. How much is the nationality of Malta at the moment? Consider. The head of the family must pay 65,000 for himself and 25,000 for each family member (spouse and minor children) to a special fund. Further, the main applicant will be forced to buy real estate in Malta. Its cost is also clearly regulated: from 150 to 350 thousand euros. Next, you need to open an account in the Maltese bank, which put 14 thousand. Well, the annual tax will be 4,200 conventional units per year. A newly registered citizen signs an obligation to purchase securities worth 150,000 euros for five years.

Malta sells citizenship

Do we need to get out of Russian citizenship?

On 10 February 2000, Malta adopted a law,which abolishes the requirement of a single citizenship. Now nationals can have two and three passports of different powers. As is known, in Russian laws there is also no ban on dual citizenship. There is no need to sign an obligation to refuse a Russian passport. The entry into the citizenship of Malta through investment does not provide for either compulsory residence on the island's territory, nor knowledge of Maltese or English languages, nor any other requirements other than financial obligations.

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