Can I renounce citizenship? If so, how can I renounce Ukrainian citizenship?

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One of the most pressing issues of modernpolitical life is citizenship. International policy is aimed at eliminating statelessness in order to protect human rights and freedoms. But travels, marriages, and the birth of children require adjustments on this issue. Many have a question, how to renounce citizenship and can it be done? In this article we will try to give a legal answer on the example of Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizenship

how to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine
Citizenship is called special political and legalrelations existing between a citizen and the state, which are expressed in specific civil rights and, of course, obligations. So, one of the duties of a citizen is to pay a military duty, that is, to serve in the army of his state. The rights include the opportunity to participate in the elections of representatives of the authorities, also to nominate their own candidacy for deputies of local or central authorities or for the presidency. Ukrainian citizenship is acquired by birth, territorial origin (residence on the territory of Ukraine at different times of parents, grandmothers, grandfathers) or accepted by citizens of another state according to a special procedure. Dual citizenship is not recognized by law. In this case, we are interested in the question of how to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine.

International law on citizenship

how to renounce citizenship
The United Nations regulatesbasic human rights. They also include the right to citizenship. No one can be deprived of it, says the first position. The second tells that it is impossible to refuse a person to change citizenship. The state can not obstruct and should legally regulate this process. The Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship" contains several articles ordering the withdrawal from the citizenship of a given state. But in practice, many people doubt whether it is possible to renounce Ukrainian citizenship quickly and without delay, especially in the light of recent events. What needs to be done, where to go?

Categories of persons for whom resignation from Ukraine is possible

how to renounce Ukrainian citizenship
The first category of persons having reason to leaveUkrainian citizenship includes those who permanently reside in the territory of another state for a long time. The second category consists of a wide range of children. The circumstances may be different, but in any case, the petition of the parents or even one of them is necessary. These are cases of relocation, adoption by foreign citizens. One important nuance: children from 14 to 18 must personally agree with the request of their parents. Also, the refusal of Ukrainian citizenship is granted upon receipt of the indigenous state of another state or at least documents confirming its receipt after refusal of Ukrainian citizenship.

Legal grounds for dissatisfaction with the petition for withdrawal from the citizenship of Ukraine

is it possible to renounce citizenship
State authorities may reject a statement of renunciation of citizenship in the following situations:

  • the person who submitted the application was brought to a criminal investigation as an accused;
  • the applicant has been convicted by a Ukrainian court, which must be executed;
  • the applicant, due to the loss of citizenship, will become stateless, that is, a stateless individual; in accordance with international standards, this must be avoided in public policy.

Deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine

The law provides for situations in whichthe question of how to renounce Ukraine’s citizenship is not important, because you will be deprived of it by the authorities. When can this happen? First, with the voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another state. It is important to know that only a person’s application to the special representative offices of another state with a request to transfer to another citizenship and his satisfaction relates to this provision. Acquisition of citizenship due to adoption, marriage is not considered in this case. Secondly, obtaining citizenship of Ukraine by deception and false documents. And the third is voluntary service in the army of another state (except mandatory and alternative). It is clear that automatically loss of citizenship does not occur. If you complied with some of the above conditions, but the migration or diplomatic service did not file a petition with the President for termination of citizenship, then officially you are still the bearer of the rights and obligations of a citizen of Ukraine.

Documents required for renunciation of citizenship

how to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine in 2014
So, let's move on to practice and understand howto renounce the citizenship of Ukraine with the least expenditure of effort, lowering the bustle of various instances. It is necessary to pre-assemble a package of documents, which will include:

  • self-written statement in duplicate;
  • photographs thirty five by forty five millimeters (two pieces);
  • a copy of the passport of Ukraine or the Soviet passport with a note about leaving the state for permanent residence;
  • certificate of permanent residence abroad.

It is also necessary to provide a document confirming the acquisition of citizenship of another state or a certificate of the possibility of obtaining it after the procedure for the liquidation of citizenship of Ukraine.

Registration of refusal of citizenship to the child

In the question of how to renounce Ukrainian citizenship to a child, there are important nuances in the preparation of documents. In special services you must submit:

  • a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • a document confirming that the minor has Ukrainian citizenship;
  • document that can testifythe acquisition of other citizenship or to confirm the readiness of the special services of another state to decide positively the question of obtaining it after it is possible to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • application of a child from 14 to 18 years old with a request for deprivation of political and legal ties with the state;
  • a document confirming the child’s departure abroad on a permanent basis;
  • petition of parents.

The decision of the president will put an end to your case.

Decision-making authoritiesobtaining and renunciation of citizenship, are a special commission under the president of Ukraine and the president himself. The first one verifies the legal correctness of filling out documents, maintains contact with local authorities, diplomatic services on the issue of drawing up forms. The president issues decrees on the admission to the political and legal sphere of special relations with the state or on the termination of such. The problem is that even if you know how to renounce the citizenship of Ukraine, and properly execute all the documents, providing the necessary information, nothing will change in your legal status without this presidential decree.

renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship

Examples of people who have submitted a waivercitizenship as early as the 90s, safely during this time, moved to a permanent basis in another state, and moreover, they accepted foreign citizenship, but never received a refusal from the citizenship of Ukraine, quite a lot. In connection with the political events of this year, even more pitfalls and misunderstandings have arisen in this matter.

The question of the indigenate in 2014

How to renounce Ukrainian citizenship in 2014? This question has become quite important for a large number of Ukrainians in connection with the simplification of the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship, introduced on April 21 of this year. It is envisaged that any person living in Russia or having close relatives who lived on its territory will receive the indigenous people of this state without having to permanently stay in Russia for 5 years. The only condition will be the knowledge of Russian as a mother tongue. This is not about literacy testing, for example, by exam type, but about an interview, which should establish the free use of language in speech in everyday life. But not everything is so easy for those who want to change their citizenship. That is, it became easier to obtain Russian citizenship. But how to abandon the citizenship of Ukraine, if she decided that this step would not entail the termination of citizenship? Some say: "Well, okay! The main thing is that we received Russian citizenship. And the rest is unimportant!" This is not entirely true. After all, Ukraine regards you as its subject, imposing certain duties on you. Many Ukrainians are afraid to return home in this situation, because they can immediately be drafted into the army. Therefore, it is important that everything is legally formalized.


The transition of the Crimea to Russia also gave rise toa lot of misunderstandings in the issue of citizenship. Most of the inhabitants of this peninsula had Ukrainian citizenship. Since it is now the territory of Russia, the government of the Russian Federation made a decision on mass legal appropriation of the citizenship of the Russian Federation to all residents of Crimea. All anything, but the population was in a difficult situation. Firstly, the Kiev authorities do not recognize the "annexation" of the peninsula, and therefore, consider the population to be its citizens. On the other hand, the citizenship of Ukraine does not allow permanent residence on the territory of Russia without issuing the necessary additional documents, such as a residence permit.

how to renounce Russian citizenship

Anyone wishing to preserve Ukrainian citizenship inDuring the month, it was proposed to apply to special services for the renunciation of Russian citizenship. It was officially announced that three and a half thousand people did it. However, after some time, the Crimeans may have a question about how to renounce Russian citizenship now, if they did not write an application to the migration service in time. In this case, the procedure will be standard, based on the Russian Law on Citizenship.

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