Lawful behavior: the concept, types, mechanisms

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The concept and types of lawful behavior are not alwayswere considered especially carefully. The fact is that lawyers have always paid more attention to misconduct. In principle, the deviation from the norms should indeed be better studied more thoroughly than their observance.

Behavior in jurisprudence can be expressedverbal, inaction or action. In philosophy, for example, it is also associated with the thinking activity of man. The law acts only on activities directed by the individual outside.

Concerning the right, behavior can be not only illegal or legitimate, but also neutral. Such behavior does not cause any consequences and is not regulated in any way.

The law concerns absolutely all spheres of our life. Illegal and lawful behavior are legally significant species. In their totality, they represent legal behavior.

Lawful conduct has two sides. Of course, it's about objective and subjective. The first is related to the very behavior of the person, the result, the connection, the causes. In this case we are talking about positive elements. Negative refers to misconduct.

The subjective party that has a legitimatebehavior, is related to the intellectual-willive attitude of the subject to the act that he committed or performs, as well as to the consequences of this act. Wines - the mental attitude of the person to the deed.

Types of lawful behavior are mainly relatednamely with the motivation of the subject. The first case can be attributed to actions (or inaction), based on the realization of the need, the desire to comply with certain legal norms, the understanding of the importance of the onset of a positive result. In this case, we are talking about the fact that the subject consciously refers to his behavior, as well as to the current legal norms.

Its other form is connected with conformism. The question is that the subject obeys certain rules only because "so it is". This legal behavior can very often be observed in social groups whose legal culture is not developed well enough, and the legal awareness is low.

The rightful behavior of the subject can be causedand the fact that he is simply afraid of certain sanctions from the state. This species is considered the most unreliable. This is explained by the fact that in case of loss of control by the state, the subject of law will change his behavior from lawful to unlawful.

Division into species is possible and on the objective side. In this case, legitimate behavior can be desirable and socially acceptable.

The latter can include, for example, a divorce.

The mechanism of legal behavior consists of threesubsystems that are interconnected. It's about legal, social and psychological. All of them together are the sides of one mechanism of legal behavior.

The operation of the legal mechanism is related toinstallation by means of legal means of certain social statuses intended for subjects. It is also connected with the formation of a specific social structure.

Legal will be effective only whensubjects of law will begin to understand their legal status, understand how they are affected by the relevant norms. They also need to learn how to build behaviors based on established norms.

To realize all the importance of the right to people helpspsychological mechanism. The social is based on the fact that each such environment needs an individual approach. The methods used in the legal education of social groups are always different.

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