How to obtain German citizenship?

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The citizenship of Germany is the cherished goal of many of our compatriots. How to get it? Is it possible to remain with the subjects of Russia in order to be able at any time to return to their homeland?

German citizenship
The official citizenship of Germany and the corresponding passport can receive the following categories of persons who have applied:

- Ethnic Germans who moved to another country at one or another historical moment.

- Jews, as compensation for genocide during the Second World War.

- People who lost German citizenship from 1933 to 1945.

- Emigrants who legally resided in the country for more than 7 years and have a residence permit.

With the first three categories, everything is clear. But you can obtain the citizenship of Germany in the latest way, if initially everything was properly executed, and the applicant is legally in the country. That is, he has a marriage with a citizen of the country, or a company is registered, a business with a large tax burden, or he studies at the university with a subsequent one-year labor contract.

dual citizenship in Germany
So there are options. The only condition that is mandatory for all categories of applicants is the refusal of the previous citizenship. Officially, dual citizenship in Germany can not be obtained. First you need to abandon the one that is, and only then you can get the coveted passport. If a German citizen persistently wants to obtain the citizenship of another country, he will also have to give up his current status.

Already at the application submission stage, you need to "exit" fromall citizenships and provide an official certificate confirming this. Declarative evidence is thus not valid. The competent authorities want to see only a paper with seals and signatures, documenting that you are not a subject of another state.

But even in this strict law there are exceptions. Dual citizenship Germany allows people who can not renounce their previous status without risking their lives because of political or other forms of persecution (this applies, for example, to political refugees).

dual citizenship of Germany
The second option that the law allows isThe acquisition of a second citizenship without the active participation and will of a German citizen, i.e. he received it on any automatic basis (for example, through marriage). Then you can legally have the passports of the two countries. Against this state has no objections.

But the convenience of movement, savings on taxes or other arguments are not considered sufficient grounds that allow you to retain Russian citizenship.

If all the previous conditions are met, thenthe applicant is called in for the test. German citizenship can be obtained if one knows German well, has sufficient income and does not have a criminal record. The test itself consists of 33 questions on the history and socio-political structure of the country, with 17 of them (at a minimum) it is necessary to give the correct answers.

It should be noted that the most positivedecisions on German citizenship came from Turkey, followed by representatives of Montenegro, Serbia and Poland. The top five countries also include Russia and Ukraine.

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