Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified procedure for Ukrainians (2014)

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Currently, there is a large population living in Russia.the number of immigrants from nearby states, especially from Ukraine. The fact is that the process of legalization in the country of citizens of other states is very complex, consisting of several stages, requires compliance with certain conditions of the migration service and the presence of iron bases to enter citizenship. In this case, the period of integration can be from 7 to 10 years. But as a result of the revision of migration legislation and the introduction of amendments, certain categories of citizens of the CIS have the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.

Stages of entry into the citizenship of Russia in the general mode

Standard procedure for obtaining RussianPassports are spelled out in the Constitution and include several mandatory steps. That is why many people are concerned about the question: how to get Russian citizenship in a simplified manner in 2014? Ukraine no longer has rights to the Crimean peninsula, although it does not recognize this. In this regard, many residents were able to quickly obtain Russian citizenship.

Visitors go through several stages of legalization:

  • Getting the status of a temporary resident.
  • Residence.
  • Passport RF.

In the accelerated program, the stages are modified. A foreign national writes a statement to the authorized body and provides a complete list of grounds for integration. All documents are provided with certified copies. If necessary, put a special sign - an apostille. It is not required to receive RAH (temporary residence permit), the visitor immediately submits papers for obtaining a residence permit. Residents of the Crimea peninsula and Sevastopol, who have registration at the place of residence in this area, receive a residence permit for 6 days. The term of legalization as a whole is also shortened.

Russian citizenship in a simplified manner

Migration card

This is a document that absolutely everyone gets.Visitors from other countries crossing the Russian border at customs. It is a sheet that is filled by the foreigner and customs officers. Some attach little importance to this paper, which is very imprudent.

For those who apply for Russian citizenship insimplified procedure or general, the migration card is a mandatory document provided to the OUFMS. It is important to know that it is filled in Russian. However, there is an indulgence for those who do not speak Russian at all. They are allowed to fill in their native language (but as a rule, applicants for citizenship are required to speak the state language at a good level).

When filling out the migration card it is important to indicate incolumn: "the purpose of the visit" - to obtain Russian citizenship. In a simplified procedure in 2014, for Ukraine (or rather, for its former citizens) and visitors from other countries, the registration of a Russian passport became possible after a revision of the legislation. If the target is indicated another, the staff of the migration department will not accept documents for consideration. The validity of this paper is 90 days, after which re-registration is required.

Temporary residence

Required by everyone who is going to be inRussia is more than three months old, and when acquiring citizenship is a necessary stage of integration. The RWP is proof that the foreign resident or stateless person is legally in the territory of the country. It gives the right to reside only in one of the regions for no more than three years (as a rule, where the registration took place). For those who receive Russian citizenship under the simplified procedure, 2014 was the moment of revision of the Russian legislation regarding the abolition of this stage.

The document is not renewed, but every yearforeign citizen confirms the right of residence in the country. To do this, a full report on the life of a foreigner in the country, tax payments and income is provided. It is annulled in case of a long absence of a foreigner in the territory of the Russian Federation, loss of a job or committing more than two administrative offenses within one year. RWP for foreigners looks like a stamp, which is affixed to a national passport. For a person who does not have citizenship, a separate document is issued with a photo and information about it (in fact, replaces an identity card).

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified order 2014 for Ukrainians


This document is issued to foreign nationals andstateless persons on the basis of a temporary permit, before obtaining the citizenship of the Russian Federation. A citizen of Ukraine who, in a simplified manner, obtains the status of a subject, needs this document.

Apply for a residence permit is necessaryearly. The validity of the temporary permit at the time of application should exceed 6 months. Permanent permission gives many opportunities to foreign nationals: to work, to get an education, to open private entrepreneurship, to use banking services in Russia. However, it has one major drawback - the validity of this document is limited (5 years).

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner (2014) forUkrainians provide preferential registration of a residence permit for two months. In general mode, the term is much longer, from 1 year. In addition, it is not required to receive RWP and reside in the state for a certain time.

A residence permit is a separate document. It contains information about the owner, the period of validity of the permit, the basis for issuing, information about the authority in which the document was drawn up. In case of violation of Russian legislation, detection of a criminal record by the owner, absence of more than 6 months in the country, failure to submit a report to the tax inspectorate or migration department (at the end of each year), lack of permanent income for more than 180 days are reasons for canceling a permit and deporting a foreign national.

Registration of the passport of Russia

Is it possible to obtain Russian citizenship gr. Ukraine in a simplified manner (2014 changes in legislation), depends on individual circumstances: the presence of relatives in the country, permanent registration in the Crimea peninsula or the city of Sevastopol, and so on.

Entry into citizenship is possible only after 5years of living in the country, passing the language proficiency exam, submitting the required set of documents to the OUFMS. The procedure (in the general procedure) may take about one year, therefore applications should be made before the residence permit expires.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner is issuedin a few months. For this you need to have certain grounds. In this case, foreigners may not take the exam on the knowledge of the Russian language, instead they are interviewed in the department of the OUFMS. Also, they are not subject to the mandatory rule: to live in Russia for at least 5-7 years. They may not have a formal job and not confirm income.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified procedure for citizens of Ukraine

The differences between accelerated and general mode

First of all, it is important to know how differentsimplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship from the standard. The bottom line is that the general regime provides for the issuance of a residence permit and entry into citizenship under the current quota. That is, a foreign citizen submits an application and waits until a free quota appears for him and the procedure for obtaining his new citizenship begins. No one knows when exactly the quota will appear, because the government annually provides a certain number of them for each region. That is, if the applicant does not get the quota in 2016, he will be able to enter citizenship only next year.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in the simplified order-2014 forUkrainians and other visitors from the CIS involves the beginning of the process of legalization of a foreign citizen, regardless of the availability of quotas. Due to this, the term of registration is reduced by several times. However, an immigrant is required to provide the necessary grounds for undergoing the procedure under the simplified program. If the bases at one of the integration stages lose their power, the foreign national loses the privileges. He will have to go through all the standard stages of acquiring a new status, which are provided for all visitors from other states.

Russian citizenship in a simplified manner in 2014 for Ukraine

Who can obtain Russian citizenship in the simplified order of 2014?

Previously, the citizenship was made very long andincluded a long-term stage of residence on the territory of Russia, as well as other conditions. In connection with changes in legislation, many visitors were interested in the question, which categories of citizens are entitled to apply for a simplified procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship?

To qualify for entry into citizenship in 2014, in addition to the current quota, you must comply with one of the following categories of citizens:

  1. Highly qualified specialists demanded in Russia (doctors, engineers, architects and others).
  2. Outstanding personalities who have merits in sports, acting or on the world stage.
  3. Scientists immigrating for the purpose of scientific activity in Russia.
  4. Native Russian speakers.
  5. Descendants on the downward line of citizens of Russia.
  6. Residents of the former USSR (or rather the part where the Russian Federation is located in 2016).
  7. Wealthy investors who are ready to invest in the Russian economy, open a business, provide citizens with new jobs.
  8. Political refugees.
  9. Spouses of Russian citizens married for more than three years.
  10. Restoration of citizenship of the Russian Federation lost for some reason in the past.
  11. Foreigners who studied in universities in Russia.
  12. Former military men or those who served in the ranks of the Russian army for conscription or contract for more than three years.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified procedure for citizens of Ukraine provides for entry into the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a shorter time (depending on individual circumstances).

simplified procedure for acquiring citizenship of the Russian Federation

Accelerated procedure

In 2014, the basic principle of becoming a citizen of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner was changed. For citizens of Ukraine, it is as follows:

  • Reducing the time required for residence in Russia to apply.
  • The abolition of the stage of obtaining a temporary residence permit.
  • In some cases, you do not need to pay a state duty and consular fee.
  • For some citizens, it is possible to issue special visas to enter the country and receive a new status.

In 2014, the conditions for startingentry into the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner. You need to contact the Department of the Federal Migration Service, with all documents, a statement and grounds for the process to go beyond the established quotas.

List of required papers and references

Before obtaining Russian citizenship in a simplifiedorder, you need to collect the entire package of documents. Preparation of papers, confirmation of the grounds, copies and other things to start the process is a very important stage. The fact is that an incorrect statement, a lack of any references, mistakes in registration - all this can serve as a reason for refusing to accept documents. This will lead to the fact that the period of legalization may increase, or integration will become impossible.

What documents are provided to the migration service (or embassy):

  1. Statement. It is filled out in block letters in Russian, in duplicate. It does not allow corrections.
  2. National Passport. A notarized translation is attached to it.
  3. Photos of the established format 3.5 * 4.5.
  4. Certificate confirming the existence of income (no need for immigrants under the program "Compatriots" and a simplified form).
  5. The certificate of non-conviction (required absolutely everything).
  6. Paid state duty for 3500 rubles (some citizens are exempted from it).
  7. Certificate of exam on knowledge of Russian language. Native speakers and Russian students confirm their knowledge of Russian at the interview.
  8. Renunciation of previous citizenship. Migrants from countries linked by international agreement on dual citizenship (Turkmenistan, Tajikistan) are not required.
  9. Birth certificate.
  10. Documents on education and a copy of the employment contract (if available).
  11. Documents on minor and incapacitated relatives.

All documents of the alien must be provided in conjunction with translations notarized by the apostille.

simplified procedure for the adoption of citizenship of the Russian Federation

Procedure for the restoration of citizenship

Currently, a simplified procedure for makingCitizenship of the Russian Federation is available to former Russians, who have lost their citizenship for some reason. Restoration takes place according to standard rules, while the required period of permanent residence is reduced to three years.

Along with the statement, the former Russianprovides a standard list of papers and the waiver of existing citizenship. In addition, proof of the presence of Russian citizenship in the past is required (proof of kinship with citizens of the Russian Federation, information on voluntary withdrawal from citizenship). Recovery takes place without passing language exams and proof of income.

It is important to know that the restoration of citizenshiponly those citizens who left it without their own will. For example, they were adopted or their parents moved to another country when they themselves were children and could not make decisions.

Simplified procedure through marriage

Another category of Ukrainian citizens who canto enter into citizenship under the simplified procedure - foreigners who are legally married to citizens of the Russian Federation. It is important that at the time of application the term of the international union exceeded the mark of three years.
The conditions for the spouses of Russians are as follows:
1. Marriage official, concluded in the Russian Federation.
2. The family lives in Russia.
3. The spouse (s) may express in Russian.
Subject to the conditions, you must apply to the nearest department of the Federal Migration Service. Registration will take no more than 6 months.

Citizenship by birth

If a child is born in Russia, he may becomea Russian citizen only if one of his parents is a citizen of this country. If the parents did not apply for proof of citizenship, or the child received it in another country, then in the future he will be able to claim the restoration of his rights.

If the parents of the baby are Russians, he is entitled toCitizenship of the Russian Federation, regardless of where he was born. If the parents have citizenship of different countries and a child is born not in Russia, then citizenship can be obtained later in the framework of the accelerated procedure.

If the child was born in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the parentshe, being not citizens, left the child without his care, he automatically becomes a Russian in six months, otherwise he would have become stateless.

how to get Russian citizenship in a simplified manner

Political refugees

Residents of other countries fleeing war (for examplefrom Syria, Ukraine) from 2014 can receive the status of a political refugee in Russia. To do this, at the border you need to ask the government for asylum. For the period of consideration of the application, refugees have the opportunity to live at special expense of the state in special camps. Documents are handled by employees of such organizations.

If a person officially receives refugee status inRussia, he will be assisted in getting a job, learning the language, arranging. Refugee children have the right to attend schools and kindergartens. They also provide for the payment of social benefits.

To obtain political refugee statusimmigrants must be in real danger in their home country. If there are grounds, refugees are legalized in the country under an accelerated program. If hostilities cease in their country, there will be no grounds for becoming citizenship, which means that the immigrants must leave the territory of the Russian Federation or remain and go through the procedure of obtaining citizenship in the general regime.

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