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The citizenship of the Russian Federation shouldto understand the fixed type of relations between the person who lives in Russia and the state. It is important to supplement that these relations determine their mutual duties and rights. The main duty of the parties is to protect security and interests. It is necessary to know that the definition and principles of Russian citizenship are fixed in the current Constitution. How to obtain Russian citizenship? Which method is considered the most optimal? Why? These and other equally interesting questions can be found answers when reading this article.

Obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation

naturalization is

To begin with, it would be advisable to note thatthe citizenship of the Russian Federation implies equality, unity, the right to change it, the possibility of deprivation. In addition, a significant feature is the right to acquire citizenship of the two countries. It is important to know that obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation persons who live in its territory,the present day is somehow encouraged. To acquire the relevant status, you need to have some basis. Among them there may be different methods. How to obtain Russian citizenship? Currently, the following methods are considered relevant:

  • The birthright.
  • Restoration of the status in question.
  • Receiving citizenship is naturalization as a certain process.
  • Acquisition of Russian citizenship in accordance with a legal marriage with a Russian.

More about naturalization

naturalization is citizenship

Naturalization is acquisition by foreigners of a civil passport inIf the conditions and requirements specified in the current law on Russian citizenship are met. To date, there are common and simplified options for assigning this status. It is important to note that those who previously had or could never be considered a citizen of a particular country can quickly and easily acquire Russian citizenship. Hence, naturalization is often the process of obtaining citizenship by former spouses of foreigners or ordinary emigrants who decided to return home.

It is important to note that getting a RussianPassport is possible in connection with the marriage. However, the citizenship of the Russian Federation on this basis can only be obtained if evidence of coexistence in the country is brought. At present, the period for acquaintance with the relevant application due to marriage is reduced to six months. It should be remembered that the receipt of citizenship is naturalization, which excludes marriage, concluded abroad. In addition, civil-type relations are also not considered.

General grounds for granting the status

Presence of citizenship The Russian Federation in obtaining it on general grounds depends on the following conditions:

  • The applicant legally resides in Russia by residence permit for at least five years.
  • The applicant has a permanent source of income.
  • The applicant knows Russian.
  • The applicant renounced his other citizenship.

Today there is a category of persons for whom to register Russian citizenship in the order naturalization is quite simple and fast procedure. As a rule, it takes one year. Here it would be expedient to include highly qualified specialists, as well as people who have a profession relevant to the country. In addition, we are talking about outstanding artists, sports, culture and science, as well as humanitarian and political refugees.

Registration abroad

 obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation

It's interesting to know that at the momentRussian citizenship can also be obtained by staying abroad. This design is very beneficial. To do this, it is necessary to formulate a competent petition, and then transfer the document to the employees of the diplomatic consulate or representative office in accordance with the place of residence of the requesting person. A similar option naturalization is the simplest version of a facilitated doomcitizenship of the Russian Federation. It should be borne in mind that in this case the documentation should be framed flawlessly. It is then that the applicant can obtain citizenship no later than six months.

General Documentation

It should be noted that the registration of thestatus to date is considered impossible without the timely and proper submission of documents. To obtain Russian citizenship, it is necessary to provide the following documents to the employees of the Federal Tax Service:

  • Application, issued in accordance with certain rules in two copies.
  • Three photos are 30x40 mm.
  • A receipt that is a confirmation of payment of a state fee, or a consular fee.
  • The paper proving the identity.
  • A certificate from the place of residence regarding the existence of a permanent registration. If this information is available in the documentation, then the certificate is not necessary.
  • Explanatory documents in case of change of surname.

Simplified citizenship

how to obtain Russian citizenship

Today, the acquisition of Russian citizenship in accordance with a simplified procedure is quick and easy, when the following requirements and conditions are met:

  • The applicant is a foreign citizen or an individual who is not endowed with any status, but permanently resides on the territory of Russia.
  • The applicant's registration at the place of residence.
  • The applicant has a legal sufficient source of income.
  • The fact of submitting an application for the renunciation of previous citizenship.

Relevant grounds


It is necessary to know that a request for Russian citizenship in accordance with a simplified scheme is possible today in connection with the following grounds:

  • The applicant has a parent (father or mother) who has a permanent registration.
  • The applicant is a former citizen of the USSR, provided he has no civil status.
  • The applicant has been living in an official marriage with a Russian citizen for three years.
  • The applicant is considered incapacitated, and his adult and capable children are citizens of the Russian Federation.

What else?

In addition to the above reasons for obtaining Russian citizenship, the following items are currently relevant:

  • The applicant was trained in accordance with the state programs after 2002 and has been working for at least three years in the specialty.
  • The applicant is an individualentrepreneur and at least for three years working for Russian OKVED (an explicit condition here is the revenue that equals or exceeds 10,000,000 rubles).
  • The applicant is considered a major investor; its share is not less than 10% of the authorized capital, provided its value exceeds 100,000,000 rubles.
  • The applicant is a specialist whose professional activity is on the list of the most sought after specialties. An important condition here is the period of his work, equal to three years.
  • The applicant is officially recognized as a native speaker and lives legally in the Russian Federation.

 simplified citizenship

It is necessary to supplement that, until 2007,Absolutely every child was issued a paper confirming the status of a citizen. Beginning in 2002, a special document was compulsorily issued for him, without which it was not possible to obtain a general passport or a foreign passport. In 2007, the inserts were canceled. To date, the rules are as follows:

  • The insert on the civil status in the child's passport is considered valid.
  • The status is legislatively fixed, when the parents of the child act as citizens of the Russian Federation, however, the child does not have an appropriate insert in his passport.
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