How to obtain citizenship of Ukraine: grounds and procedure

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If you wish to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, thenit's time for you to take and read the Law "On Citizenship of Ukraine". It states that a person wishing to obtain a legal connection with this state, that is, citizenship, must necessarily have for this purpose certain grounds. The aforementioned legislative act gives a complete list of such. Let's look at each separately.

By birth. More precisely, a person who, at leastone of the parents - a citizen of Ukraine, will also be a citizen of this country. A child acquires the citizenship of Ukraine in the event that a person is born in the family of persons who do not have citizenship, but who reside in Ukraine in accordance with the legislation. The same applies to the child born in the family of foreigners, but he acquires the citizenship of Ukraine only if he does not accept the citizenship of any of his parents.

Also a child will be recognized as a citizen of Ukraine, who was found in the territory of this country, information about the parents of which is unknown.

By territorial origin. To persons who have the full right to becomecitizens of Ukraine on this basis are only those who lived in the USSR until August 24, 1991. Such a basis is valid even if at least one of his relatives lived in the territory of the above-mentioned state.

Admission to citizenship. To enter into citizenship, there are important provisions that need to be considered. In this case, in order for a person to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions:

  • permanent residence within the state for five years (and, on a legal basis);
  • the recognition by the person of the laws acting on the territory of Ukraine;
  • absence from a person of another nationality - lawsUkraine does not provide for dual citizenship. So, if you want to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, a person must abandon the one that is acting at the moment;
  • permission for immigration, which is only necessary for refugees;
  • existence of sources of existence, which, moreover, must be legal;
  • possession of a language that is recognized in the state as a state language. It is also important to understand it.

Adoption. This is the basis for obtaining citizenshipUkraine by children who were legally adopted by parents who have Ukrainian citizenship. To obtain citizenship can be a child who is accepted into the family, where at least one of its members (his foster parents) has Ukrainian citizenship.

In addition to the listed grounds, there are others. They are represented in the legislation of Ukraine, as well as in international treaties of the same state.

To obtain Ukrainian citizenship, a person mustsubmit an appropriate application to the appropriate authorities. In addition, a document must be submitted without fail, which confirms the fact that the person paid the state fee.

The bodies are obliged to consider the application of the person,wishing to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine, within the time limits established by law. The maximum period within which documents can be considered is 1 year. It is established for the Commission of the President of Ukraine on Citizenship. During this period, not only the applicant's documents are considered, but a decision is made to assign the citizenship of Ukraine to the person or deny such. The decision is taken directly by the President and fixed in the relevant Decree.

If the decision is positive, the applicant must be given a relevant certificate, which confirms that the person is a citizen of Ukraine. Based on this same certificate, a passport is issued later.

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