Rules for obtaining an EU passport

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Many people who face frequentEurope, whether business or travel, think about how to visa-free travel to the Schengen countries. To date, many residents of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, the United States want to get a second citizenship of the countries of the European Union. Having received the second passport, you receive a number of advantages, such as a wide choice of places of residence or study, more entrepreneurial opportunities, insurance for an exacerbation in the country.
Get EU passport perhaps relatively quickly, within six -twelve months. There are two ways to obtain an EU passport without hindrance. The first way is to restore the citizenship of such countries as Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland on the basis of ethnicity, these countries allow this possibility. The second way, investment of the country's economy, is the most reliable method. Each country has its own investment. The remaining ways of acquiring citizenship are long-term, can last five to twelve years.
Here are some examples of obtaining an EU passport in different countries.
Cyprus, in the EU since 2004. In this country you can get citizenship very quickly. When buying a home or investing in an account in a country bank worth 5 million euros, these are the most popular methods for resolving the issue. What are the benefits of obtaining the citizenship of Cyprus? There are a lot of them, this makes it possible to live in the country of Schengen, you can receive education and benefits, all members of your family also receive an EU passport. The period for obtaining a passport is only a few months. After three years you will be able to sell assets without losing your passport.
Why choose Cyprus, because the EU passport you will receive in the shortest possible time. Cyprus is a tourist country, there are deposits of gas and oil, which bring huge investments.
If you chose Hungary, then except for visa-free travelentering the Schengen countries you will have a large selection of inexpensive commercial real estate. Hungary is close to our cultural and religious traditions. The rapidly developing young EU country, social security and pension at the level of European countries. Rights to subsidies and other collateral that are residents of EU countries.
It is best to contact agencies that deal with legal programs, they will also help find a home or business if necessary.

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