How to get a Green Card USA: seven ways

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In fact, the document is called Permanent ResidentCard (Permanent Resident Card), and in the language of the bureaucracy - Form I-551. His name, which, by the way, is very accustomed to us, Green Card received a greenish color of plastic. In fact, this document gives a foreigner the right to reside permanently in the United States of America, to work in the country and to study, to leave the state and re-enter it (there are some restrictions on this point, which will be discussed below). In fact, getting a permanent residence certificate equates an alien to US citizens. The only exception is participation in elections. Since the card shows the metric data of its owner (photo, fingerprint), it is also an identity card. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to get a green card.

There are seven ways.The first is to win the coveted card in the lottery. You can try your luck only on the only official site - - and no more on any other. Participation in the drawing is absolutely free. All other sites that require money for participation are a scam on the Internet. The winner receives the coveted status after the interview at the US Embassy. But how to get a green card if fortune did not smile at you? Method number 2 is a family relationship in this country. However, you should have the closest relationship and connections: spouse, parents, children (and children must not yet be 21 years old). The presence of sisters and brothers, even relatives who have permanent residence in the States, does not give you the right to claim the same status.

If you have real relatives in thisthere is no prosperous country, you can make new connections. Marrying a US citizen, marrying or being adopted by an American family is another win-win for those who want to know how to get a green card. The only drawback of his is the need to live in marriage for at least two years. But the plus is that you do not need to return to Russia to open the map. You can get out of the status of an illegal immigrant by formalizing a legitimate relationship with a US citizen.

If you are in America on the document H1B(working visa), your employer may, after the expiry of this document, submit the necessary papers on your behalf and open a Green Card for you. Similarly, you can obtain the status of permanent residence, being a famous and prominent artist, politician, athlete, etc. The application for political asylum and refugee status also gives the right to stay indefinitely in the country, but to prove that you are persecuted in Russia on political convictions, religious beliefs, because of race or nationality, will not be so easy, if possible.

If you have a million dollars and you are readyinvest it in the US economy, then the question of how to get a green card, you will not stand. Just contact an immigration lawyer (the cost of its services starts from $ 3,500). He will determine, according to which procedure you apply for the status of a resident - a business visa (L1) or an investment program (EB-5). In about six months you will be given a conditional Green card. It is valid for two years, after which a permanent certificate is issued for a period of ten years.

Getting a residence permit is not badthe beginning for the entry into the American citizenship. However, you are waiting for a long and time-consuming process. It is necessary to live in this status for five years, strictly observing the rule for the residents of the country: not to leave the United States for more than 180 days a year. If you just go to the States, and live, for example, in Israel or Russia, then do not even think about how to become a US citizen. Immigration service should be sure that the country has become your real home.

At the expiration of a five-year period, you can think abouthow to obtain American citizenship. It is necessary to take exams in English and American history, as well as to provide documents, from which it appears that all these years you lived honestly (in particular, they filed the completed tax returns and did not commit even the most minor offenses).

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