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To date, in almost all countriesthe connection is arranged in such a way that it is required to begin dialing the number with the digit "0" to enter the intercity. Our country, Russia, is still using the G8. However, you can call not only in the cities, but also between countries. To do this, use a somewhat complex combination, namely: dial "0", hear a beep, then again give the command "0". Even in this case, the Russian way is somewhat different - first dialing the number "8", wait for a beep, followed by the sequence "10".

But you do not need to be upset ifsomeone thinks that there is no transition to world standards in our country. Russian communications are constantly improving, and the acceptance of new conditions is gradual. For example, the numbers of Russian cities were changed. Those cities whose identifier began with "0" now begin with the number "4". As an example, you can bring the telephone code of Moscow, which will always be not "095", as before, but "495".

how to call to Moscow

In the past, the time when it was introduced into theoperation code "499", through which calls can be made to certain phones in Moscow. This happened for the reason that the capacity for "095" has exhausted its information load. Owners of the combination "499" are subscribers of telephone exchanges in the sleeping areas of the city. They already know how to call to Moscow - they should start dialing from the new number - "495", and not from the old one.

There is a certain scheme of calls betweenMoscow codes. If the subscriber "499" wants to call the same client, then you need to dial without the eight - 499-XXX + XX + XX, where X is any number sign. Also users of the station "495" (code of the city of Moscow), call each other without an eight. But between the first and second, the set is already to be performed with the eight: the subscriber servicing at the station through "495" calls this way-8 + beeps + 499-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ, and with the number "499" - 8 + beeps + 495-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ.

phone code of Moscow

Here you might think that it's easy to find out howcall Moscow. As usual, I think that it is enough to pick up the phone and dial the number at will, waiting for an answer. However, the difficulty is that the rules for typing a numeric combination directly depend on the location of the communication node that you are using. For example, a call from a region of Russia requires the use of a code link consisting of the country number, the city's digital code and the telephone number of the subscriber. And for a foreign user of a communication line, this method does not work. So, how to call to Moscow from abroad?

Phone number of your favorite Russia among otherscountries of the world is "7" (seven). Thus, the international code of the capital of our homeland of Moscow will look like +7495, sometimes, instead of the "+" sign, you need to type two zeros - "00".

How to call to Moscow using a stationary device:

  • from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia: 0-beep-0-7-495-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ;
  • from Belarus and Kazakhstan: 8-beep-10-7-495-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ.

Using your mobile phone:

  • from Estonia and Latvia: 00-7-495-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ;
  • from Israel: 012-7-495-XXX-XX-XX;
  • from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan: +7 495-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ.

495 area code

Be careful while making a call. Do not exceed the time interval of 5 seconds between the set of digits. The numbers of all existing fixed lines in Moscow consist of 7 digits. Do not forget that the time zone where Moscow is located may be different from the one in which you are.

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