What is a GP diode and what is its purpose?

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Very often users of computer equipmentforget that, unlike acoustic devices, televisions and other household appliances, it has the property of overheating and, as a result, malfunctioning and even even failing at all. Usually this is due to household dust, which clogs the cooling radiators, the

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most reducing the heat sink from electronic componentsto a minimum; due to spoiled fans, weak cooling systems, as well as in case the computer is near heating devices. In summer, the danger of overheating of office equipment increases several times.

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First of all, overheating in personalthe CPU and graphics processors (GPUs) of the video card suffer. What is the central processor, even very far from the technology people, but that's not all about what GP is, and why it is so hot. So on the Internet so often you can meet the question: "What is the GP diode and what should it have temperature?" Let's figure it out.

A graphics processor is a chip on a video cardcomputer, which is responsible for the graphics, that is, the picture displayed on the monitor. The load on this element is simply huge, especially if the screen changes quickly, for example, a movie is viewed.

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The greatest load on GP is given by powerfulcomputer games. So, if your computer is used as a typewriter, then for the video card it is enough and regular cooling, and if you are a fan of games, then it is necessary to take care of additional heat removal (install powerful radiators, fans or even a water cooling system).

"And how can you find out the temperatureprocessor? "- The reader has the right to ask: for this purpose, there are special programs that determine the temperature of the computer components, for example, you can install AIDA64 (or any other) .These utilities take readings from temperature sensors and display the results on the monitor.Here we approached this concept , as a GP diode.

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Let's look at this element in more detail.

The GP diode is a temperature sensor (thermodiode)GPU, built directly into the structure of the chip. The reverse current of this diode depends on the temperature. Also thermoresistors can be used instead of the mentioned elements. Their resistance is affected by temperature. Diode GP, in fact, is a protective element of the video card from overheating. When the critical temperature is reached (approximately 120 0C), the power will turn off and the computer will turn off. The operating mode of the GPU is 70-80 0FROM.


If your computer often hangs orperiodically begins to respond very slowly to the team, perhaps he suffers from overheating. Check the temperature shown by the GP diode. The computer may need additional cooling or cleaning. Timely assistance provided will help to avoid serious breakdowns and, accordingly, will save your money.

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