What is deadlift and what kind of muscle group does it develop?

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The time of the beach season is already on the way, so thatfall into the mud face, you need to look spectacular. Before this period, girls are actively losing weight, and the guys are pumping their muscles. The basic exercise, which will gain weight and shape the body, is deadlift. The following muscles are involved: the upper and middle part of the thigh and buttocks.


How should we approach this exercise? The principle is not very complex:

  1. Should take the bar. Hvat at the same time should be on top, slightly wider than the shoulders. The palms should be directed back and placed outside, on the sides of the thighs. In this position, you need to have straight legs. Place them on the width of the shoulders. Standing in this position, you should just bend slightly in the lower back, take your shoulders back and bend your chest. Place the chin parallel to the floor.
  2. Holding the above position, you should smoothly pull the pelvis back and tilt the body forward.
  3. During tilting and lifting, the bar should be kept near the surface of the legs, so that it slides over them, touching the shins, knees and hips.
  4. A slope when performing an exercise such asdead thrust should be to make as long as the body does not take a position parallel to the floor. Grief in this state should be at a level at least mid-shin.
  5. As soon as this provision is reached,You should quickly change the direction of travel. In this case, you should save the deflection. When lifting the torso, you need to smoothly move the buttocks forward. Lifting should be carried out until the initial position is taken. When the most difficult area is crossed, one should exhale.

straight legs

When performing an exercise such as deadpull, should firmly hold the bend of the spine, without changing its position. Bend your legs, you can not lower your head in any case. Also, you should try to keep the fulcrum under your heels.

In the event that it is difficult to keep your feetStraight, you can slightly bend them while in the starting position. Until the end of the exercise, the position of the lower limbs should not be changed. Given all the above actions, we can assume that the deadlift on the straight legs will be performed correctly.

There are a couple of tips to which you needlisten when doing the exercise. First, do not round your back during the whole process of doing the exercise. If this is difficult to do, then the exercise is best to stop. If you continue it, you can get a severe back injury.


Secondly, if the deadlift is performed, do not take the neck away from the legs. Otherwise, it will already be completely an exercise, and hence, the muscles will be involved are not the same.

Third, you need to keep your legs straight. This will increase muscle contraction.

Fourth, do not pull the bar with your hands or loin. All movement should be performed by the muscles of the back of the thigh and buttocks. All other joints must be fixed.

And the main thing: when performing this exercise with a lot of weight, you need to use a belt that will protect you from injuries.

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