The drug "Lavakol" for weight loss

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Theme of getting rid of excess weight over the yearsis becoming more popular and relevant. She devoted a lot of programs, books, magazines and articles. Some try to lose weight with the help of sports, others experiment with all sorts of diets. Still others are looking for something in between, a harmonious path that would allow them to part with unnecessary kilograms. However, there are also simpler ways to influence the body, pushing the body to work and getting rid of fat tissue. One of these means many people call the drug "Lavakol" for weight loss. Is this statement justified?

lavacol for weight loss

It must be said that the medicines thataffect the body weight, there is a lot. And many people persistently try to lose weight, taking such drugs that were created for quite another. Quite often for this drink antidepressants, diuretics, as well as hypoglycemic drugs. But the hit of sales, certainly, laxatives. In order, for example, to conduct a real course of recovery of the body, people spend cleaning by Lavakol, uncontrollably take other laxatives, designed only to help the intestines. Special means cause weight loss almost immediately after the beginning of the intake.

lavakolotzyvy for weight loss

The drug "Lavakol", for weight loss is not quitesuitable, used in medicine before performing operations in the abdominal cavity. The fact that before them you need to clean the intestines. It is also prescribed before x-rays of the large intestine. This means works in this way: in the intestine the osmotic pressure rises, causing accumulation of liquid, and very significant. It should be noted that water is released and into the cavity of the intestine itself, and is no longer absorbed into the circulatory system. As a result, the desired result is achieved: the body is cleared of all accumulated. It takes about twenty hours. The body weight can decrease by several kilograms.

Many people take the drug "Lavakol" forlosing weight, not knowing that this remedy can in no case be used for a long time, as it causes serious disturbances and changes in the water-electrolyte balance in the body, deprives the body of vital elements. If a person suffers from heart, vascular or kidney disease, the effect may not only be detrimental, but even life-threatening.

Another reason why you should not usethe drug "Lavakol" for weight loss, is that after a fairly fast time the body will recharge the water it needs, and as a result, the weight will be exactly the same as before the purification procedure. So take this medicine - just to torment the body, causing him only harm.

lavacole cleansing

Nevertheless, the "Lavakol", reviews (forweight loss), which are found both positive and negative, is in great demand among the suffering. People vainly hope that only taking tablets will help to lose all the extra pounds without effort and occupation. Alas, the desired result will not be, only torment. Moreover, the use of such medicines can cause considerable harm to health, which then will have to be restored. So be more careful.

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