Evgeni Polyakov: football biography

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Yevgeny Polyakov is a former RussianFootballer, who spent most of his career in the club "Eagle". He turned 36 years old, but he finished his career earlier, in 2013. Evgeni Polyakov played in the position of the striker.

Carier start

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Yevgeny Polyakov was born on September 29, 1980 incity ​​of Orel, where he began to play football. At first he was engaged in the youth academy of the local club "Pearl", but then went through a viewing in another Orel club with the same name. It was with "Eagle" that he finally concluded a professional agreement in 1998, when he reached adulthood. With this club, the brightest years of his career were connected. Evgeni Polyakov made his debut for the club in 1999, having played in his first season of 19 matches and having scored three goals. From next year, the striker became a regular player of the club's base and spent there in the total of five years, going on the field 118 times and scoring 17 goals. However, in 2003, he decided to take a step forward and leave his native club, joining Lukhovitsy's Spartak.

Game after "Eagle"

Unfortunately, Yevgeny's stability was only in the"Eagle". As soon as he left his native club, he could not stay in any club for long. First there was "Spartacus", where he played 16 matches for a year, after that there was "Lada" from Togliatti, where Eugene played even less - only ten matches. However, this figure is considered for six months, since in the summer of 2004 he moved to Avangard, with whom he spent a year and a half. In 2006, Yevgeny Polyakov, a football player who gradually began to get to his feet, went to conquer the Lithuanian Championship, where he signed a contract with Atlantas. There he played only nine games, and then in the same year went to Kazakhstan's Shakhtar. Finished the season there, he returned to Russia, joining the Tula "Weaponsmith", but he could not gain a foothold there, although he showed impressive results, having punched six goals in 13 games.

Return to the Eagle

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Polyakov played in different clubs, in differentchampionships, but in the summer of 2007 he still returned to his native "Eagle", which helped finish the season. He scored nine goals in seventeen matches, after which he went to Voronezh Dynamo because of problems that arose with his native club. In the summer of 2008, the situation was normal, and Polyakov returned to the club, which was renamed to "Rusichi". There he spent another three and a half years, in the last two seasons, reaching the peak of his career. In 2010, he broke all records, punching 20 goals in 29 games, and in the season 11/12 he scored twenty goals in 42 games.