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The back training of a man should be directedon the formation of a manly V-shaped figure. A V-shaped torso has always been a symbol of a healthy, trained male body. To choose the most suitable way to pick up exercises on the muscles of the back, you need to know well the functions of each of its parts - for what movements it responds. Exercises on the muscles of the back can be roughly divided into exercises for the lower, middle and upper parts. Each of these parts consists of several separate muscles.

So, the upper back consists of a muscle,which raises the shoulder blade, rhomboid and trapezius muscles. Thanks to them, the back paddles rise, and the shoulders can move back and forth. To get a classic V-shaped manly figure, it is necessary to pump this part from the earliest age and, accordingly, these muscles of the back. Exercise it is desirable to repeat every day.

The back training in its middle part is not so easy,because it contains a very large number of muscles. Among them is to call the round muscle - large and small, awned, broadest muscles, part of the longest muscle, lower jagged and hind muscles. The middle part of the back is responsible for the movements of the raised arms - down, back, and also this part is able to lift and support the human body in case the shoulder position is fixed. Particular attention from all the muscles of the middle part should be given to the broadest muscle, pumping it in the first place - in fact it is the largest and strongest of all listed above. Select exercises for the muscles of the back in such a way that first of all involve the latissimus muscles. The shape, strength and performance of most of the back, more precisely, of its upper and middle parts, depends on how well the broadest muscle is developed.

The lower back is the iliac-rib muscle, and also the lower part of the so-called longest muscles.

So, now more specifically about what are requiredthose or other muscles of the back exercises. To pump the widest muscles - one of the most functional muscular branches of the back, you need to perform a series of exercises, pumping these muscles back. Exercises that are designed to train the broadest muscle and do not require the use of special equipment such as a simulator, dumbbells, blocks and bar - these are some types of pull-ups: a narrow back grip, a wide and narrow grip. However, it must be said that one pull-up is not enough - back training will not do without a barbell and dumbbells. Brief description of the technique of tightening the narrow reverse: the hands should be turned to the palms of the hands, the back is straight, the body is even. At the beginning of pull-up, bend your legs. Swinging the body itself do not help - because the lifting should be carried out solely due to the strength of the hands. Rise so that your chin can touch the crossbar, and then, having lowered, completely straighten your arms. All the same, repeat one more time. The essence of the impact on the wide back muscles is the exercise described above: at the highest point of your body's ascent they come together. From exercises with certain equipment it is necessary to distinguish the barbell thrust - the vertical T-bar, vertical in the slope forward by the bottom grip (take the lower grip bar, keeping between the hands a distance slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, bending the knees in the legs, lean slightly forward and lift the bar to the waist , pulling back the shoulders and exposing the chest, then lower it and repeat everything again), the vertical one with the inclination forward (the same, only the grip is wide from above).

In creating a beautiful V-shaped torso involvedand a large round muscle. To develop it, perform such exercises on the muscles of the back, as the types of vertical rod rod - T-shaped, to the chest, to the breast with one hand, the upper to the chest, horizontal to the chest sitting. To carry out the vertical traction of the T-bar, holding the back exactly, with a narrow grip with the palms facing each other, hold the bar. Then, bending your legs, bending forward, lift it to your chest with the retraction of the shoulders back and the withdrawal of the chest forward. Lower the bar, so straighten your hands to feel a slight stretching in the back.

The subacute muscle is trained by performing vertical dumbbell traction with one hand, on the simulator - horizontal traction to the chest sitting - both narrow and wide grip.

It is desirable that the back training was carried out at the beginning of adolescence, albeit in a lighter regime.

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