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Alexander Dolgopolov is an ambiguous figure in theworld men's tennis tour. Although he is already not a young tennis player, nevertheless sometimes he acts like a child on the court, he is very emotional, and his behavior may give the impression that the junior is playing. But his age is gradually being selected to the point of thirty years. This year he turned 28.

alexandr dolypolov

Beginning of the gaming career

In the first Alexander Dolgopolov appeared on the court inthe age of three. There he was brought by his father, who was not only a professional tennis player, though of an average level, but also a tennis coach. Since that time a quarter of a century has passed, nevertheless it is the father who continues to train his son to the present day.

Until 2004, Alexander Dolgopolov speaks injunior tournaments, and from next year starts in the adult men's tour. I had to wait for the first success long enough. Only in five years the sportsman will finish the year in the TOP-50 rating of the ATP.

At this time, the first victories come. Although Alexander has not yet won victories over tennis players from TOP-3, nevertheless, there are some beautiful victories over top ten tennis players, such as Wawrinka, Soderling, Tsonga.

Style of game Dolgopolova Alexandra

If you pay attention to anthropometricdata tennis player, it becomes clear why he has such a unique style of play in the world tennis tour. Being right-handed Alexander Dolgopolov has a small enough by today's standards of growth, only 180 centimeters. In the tour, many players who exceed Alexander.

But with this growth, he has only 71 kilogramsweight. That allows him to easily navigate the court. Such parameters do not give the opportunity to have a killer pitch, but the tennis player, having an average pitch, defeats the opponents by accurately reaching the right place on the court.

The sportsman's favorite tennis ground is the ground. Alexander Dolgopolov has two tennis victories in singles category ATR tour and the highest position in the ranking was the thirteenth.

alexander dolpolov tennis

Conflict with the Tennis Federation of Ukraine

2011 at the top of its rating endsDolgopolov Alexander. Tennis, shown to them this year, allows to make claims to the Tennis Federation of Ukraine. But she refuses to listen to the country's first racket. And Alexander refuses to play for her in the Davis Cup.

Therefore, he has to miss the Olympic Games in London. After the change of leadership of the federation, Alexander Dolgopolov returns to the national team of the country.

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