Effective exercises on the biceps in the gym

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Today it is very fashionable to do sports, and thisit's not surprising, because a beautiful fit figure not only attracts attention, but also increases self-esteem. A great option for building a dream body is bodybuilding. The gym is a place where people work hard, and it is worth noting that girls also began to give preference to power training.

Biceps - an indicator of male power?

What most of all colors a man? Of course, strong hands. Therefore, the guys pay special attention to the training of the biceps in the gym. Many assign this group of muscles a single day to maximize its work.

exercise on the biceps in the gym

Exercises on the biceps in the gym are very popular with the male.

What is the bicep?

Biceps - large spindle-shaped bicepsshoulder, which is located on the upper part of the humerus and consists of a short and long head. The main functions of this muscle are the following:

  • biceps - forearm forearm for turning and moving the palm up;
  • flexes the forearm and shoulder;
  • bends the upper part of the hand.

Based on the functions of the biceps, all exercises are based on the bending of the hand.

Basics of training biceps

In order for the muscle to grow, it is necessary on eachtraining it to injure. The microtraumas arising during the training in the hall during the restoration period are overgrown with a new tissue, and thus the muscle grows in size.

exercise on the bicep triceps in the gym

However, frequent trauma will lead to the reverse process, therefore it is irrational to train every day.

During the training, it is optimal to perform 3-4 exercises on the biceps in the gym. It is necessary to do repetitions about 8-12, and approaches - 3-4.

Types of exercises on the biceps

Exercises on the biceps in the gym can bedivided into basic and isolating. The first are performed using a barbell and dumbbells, the latter - on the simulators. Experienced athletes note that basic exercises contribute to better muscle growth and simultaneously involve other fibers in the work. However, if you want to train only one bicep, so to speak, isolate it, then the second type of exercise will be very useful.

The best exercises for the biceps in the gym standing

Lifting the bar to the bicep. To complete the exercise, you needposition your legs on the width of your shoulders, take the barbell from below, bend slightly in the lower back, keep the body straight, lower the bar to your hips. After a deep breath, we bend our arms, lifting the bar to the chest. Elbows should be pressed to the sides, and the wrists are fixed. At the top, we exhale and pause, then lower the bar to its original position. It is important not to unbend your hands to the end, keeping the tension in the bicep.

Effective exercises on the biceps in the gym

Lifting dumbbells to the biceps. The location of the body, as in the previous oneexercise, but take dumbbells in such a way that they look at each other, a simple grasp. On inhalation we lift dumbbells, turning to the outside, at the end point of the palm should be directed to the shoulders. When the dumbbells are near the shoulders, you need to pause and exhale. We lower the dumbbells, turning the wrists back.

Lifting the bar with a back grip. The starting position is similar, we take the barso that the palms of the hands look downwards - with a back grip, on inhaling we raise the bar to the chest, while the elbows should be pressed to the sides and fixed during the exercise. At the top, we exhale and pause, lower the bar.

Hammer. We take dumbbells with the usual grip, observe the deflection in the lower back, take a breath, raise the left dumbbell to the left shoulder, pause, exhale and lower it. The same is done with the right dumbbell.

Block simulator. We take the bar on the rope with a grip from below, put our feet on the width of the shoulders, straighten, elbows slightly bend. We inhale the neck to the chest, elbows are pressed, pause, exhale and lower the neck.

exercise on the hamstrings in the gym

Hand bending between blocks. Take the D-grip grip from below, we become in the middle of the simulator. On exhalation we pull the handles to the head until the moment when the palms are above the shoulders, pause and exhale, lower.

Exercises on biceps sitting

Effective exercises on the biceps in the gym sitting:

Lifting dumbbells to the biceps. Sit down on the bench, straighten out, observing the deflectionin the lower back, we take dumbbells with the usual grip. At the inhalation, we raise the dumbbells just above the hip and begin to turn the brushes up, when the dumbbells are near the shoulders, the palms should look at the ceiling, pause and exhale, start lowering the dumbbells, unfolding the palms.

complex of exercises for the biceps in the gym

Raising the EZ rod in the Scott bench. We take the bar with the lower grip, sit on the bench,we press the triceps to the music stand, lower the bar, but we leave the elbows in a slightly bent position, we exhale and raise the bar to the vertical position of the forearms, we exhale, pause, and lower almost to the end.

Concentrated lifting. Sit down on the bench, take the dumbbell from below,we put our shoulders wider than our shoulders, lean forward so that the lower part of the biceps rests on the right thigh, with the other hand we rest on the knee. At the inhalation we lift the dumbbell to the chest, pause, exhale and gradually lower it. The same is done with the other hand.

Based on these exercises, you can create any set of exercises for the biceps in the gym.

Program for training biceps

Schemes of training hands are many, you can use different exercises, different number of approaches and repetitions, apply supersets, trisets. It all depends on the purpose of the training.

An approximate program, the exercises in which are performed one after another. The first approach is for 15 reps and the other three are for 8 reps.

  1. Bending of hands with dumbbells while sitting on the simulator.
  2. Bending hands alternately on an incline bench.
  3. Bending of hands standing with a barbell.

Muscles eventually get used to the load. To constantly keep them stressed for further growth, you need to periodically change the training program and increase weights.

What to choose: training with an instructor or self-study?

The most common mistake of beginners in the hall -ignoring the coach's services. As a rule, a beginner in the hall absolutely knows nothing about how to correctly perform not only the exercises on the biceps in the gym, but also the tasks for all other muscle groups. Therefore, it is often possible to observe confused customers of the hall who do not understand what simulator they should take, how to do it properly, which groups of muscles should be combined in one workout and which ones should not.

The best exercises for the biceps in the gym

If you want to achieve good results in the hall, then you can not do without a coach. What does the training with the instructor do?

  • correct technique of performing exercises;
  • training plan;
  • rules of proper nutrition;
  • information on sports nutrition;
  • control over the course of training;
  • minimization of injuries;
  • the earliest achievement of the result.

To train one only biceps does not make sense,an integrated approach is required. Certainly, exercises on the biceps, triceps in the gym are most popular among men. Proper pumping hands will help build muscle mass and improve the appearance.

But do not forget about other muscle groups,which are enough in the body. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to include in one workout exercises for several groups. So, for example, exercises on the hamstrings in the gym can be combined with exercises for quadriceps and calves, training of the chest can be combined with the back and so on.

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