Russian swimmer Evgeny Lagunov: biography, sports career, personal life

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Lagunov Eugene - Russian swimmer, two-time prize-winner of the Olympic Games. The athlete also won many awards at world and continental championships.

Biography of the athlete. Start

Lagunov Evgeny Alexandrovich was born on the 14thDecember 1985 in Arkhangelsk. On the advice of doctors, his parents brought him to the pool at the age of seven. So the brilliant sports career of the Russian swimmer began.

The first competitions for Lagunov were junior short-water competitions, in which he demonstrated a phenomenal speed for his age.

Sports career

Lagunov Eugene - swimmer, who at the age of 18 was sensationally included in the Russian team. Training has become much more tedious and difficult, but soon there were results.

lagoon evgeny swimmer

In 2004, as part of the relay team inswim 4 x 100 meters freestyle Lagoon becomes a silver medalist of the continental championship. The same achievement the Russian swimmer repeated at the European Championship-2006.

In 2005, Eugene took third place in thesingles on short water at the continental championship, and in 2007 he becomes the winner of the bronze medal in the World Championship in the combined relay race.

For the Olympics in Beijing Lagunov was traveling asone of the main swimmers of the national team. In the relay competitions 4 x 200 meters freestyle he performed on preliminary swimmings. And although Lagunov Eugene did not participate in the final swim, he deservedly received a silver medal of the Olympic Games.

Truly golden for the Russian swimmer was 2010year. He became a two-time winner of the continental championship in relay competitions and a world champion in short water. In addition to these gold medals, his collection of awards has been replenished with three silver medals from the European Championship and World Cup.

lagoons of evgeny

For his second Olympic Games in London, Lagunov rode with the firm intention of winning medals. And he succeeded: the Russian team took the third place in the relay race 4 x 100 meters freestyle.

Personal life

After a successful performance at the Beijing OlympicsLagunov Eugene moved to St. Petersburg, where he continued to train hard. It was here that he was preparing for the victorious European Championship 2010 and the London Olympics.

Strongly endure physical and emotionalLoad Lagunov helps his family: his wife Maria and sons - Roman and Oleg. They not only often travel with Eugene to different countries for competitions, but also regularly attend his training sessions.

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