How to make a bar at home from improvised materials?

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In fashion has long been a healthy lifestyle andregular exercise, but not everyone can afford to go to the gym several times a week. Doing sports at home is a good alternative for those who for some reason have refused to use the gym. However, for any workout you need sports equipment, which costs a round sum of money. In order not to spend all your salary on sports equipment, you can independently try to answer the question of how to make a barbell at home, having at hand only items that are in your house.

A little imagination - and the bar at home is ready

In each house there will definitely be severalplastic bottles, but even if they are not there, empty ones can be found among friends, acquaintances or just left after drinking mineral water or lemonade. The number of bottles depends on the required load for you: on average, it is from 6 to 10 pieces of the same volume. In addition to bottles, you should stock up with large scotch. Bottles and scotch will have the basic materials you need to make a projectile.

how to make a barbell at home

How to make a barbell at home? Bottle and tape - this is not all the materials that you need. Then you need to find in the apartment stick or stalk that will hold the bottle. A cutting from a shovel and a rake is ideal, but not every city dweller has it, so we are looking for any thick wooden stick (you can also take an old mop). To it we add a wire up to 5 meters long and two buckets of dry sand. In order for one side of the bar to not be larger or smaller than the other, weights will also be needed. It has long been proven that a homemade bar is no worse than a professional neck in the gym.

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how to make a barbell at home

All materials are already waiting in the wings, and nowIt is very easy to answer the question of how to make a barbell at home. But there is one point that is worth paying attention to. The sand in each bottle should be a certain amount. We can not allow one side to weigh less or more than the opposite. Next is to determine the weight of the bar: so if you have four bottles on each side, completely filled with sand, you will end up with about 30 kilograms. You should also not forget about the weight of the cutting or stick, to which you will attach your goods. On average, one two-liter bottle of sand will weigh 3 kilograms of 750 grams, based on this weight you can make the necessary sports equipment.

Sleight of hand, a little imagination - and an improvised barbell is ready

Let's say you chose the maximum weight and fell asleepeight two-liter bottles to the top with sand. It is clear that the bottles themselves do not stick to the stick and need to be strengthened. For this purpose we use scotch tape. We distribute 4 bottles on each side and wrap them several times with adhesive tape. Try with your hands so that the improvised goods hold tight and at the most inopportune moment do not scatter. Fasten all the plugs, make sure that the internal contents do not spill out. The shell is half ready for use. If you still do not understand how to make a barbell at home, then go ahead.

In addition to the scotch, you had to prepare in advancewire. With it, we will also fasten the bottles with each other in case the adhesive tape fails, and our cargo will fall apart. As soon as all the bottles are fastened together, we need to fix them on the handle. If you decide that on each side you will have 4 improvised sinkers, then the cutting will go into the hole between the bottles as well as possible. That's it, now our homemade bar is ready for use.

how to make a barbell with your own hands

Test of endurance

The desire to work on your body is, sportstools made at home, too; very little is left to check the quality of the projectile. You need to make sure that the rod does not disintegrate at the most crucial moment, and the weights will not detach from the cutting.

If the bottles sit tightly on a stick, do not fidget indifferent sides, you correctly solved the problem of how to make a barbell at home. If the load does not keep enough on a stick, you need to secure it with additional materials. You can use glue, any other bonding compound, or simply squeeze the bottles with scotch.

homemade bar

In conclusion

The final of our efforts should be checking onendurance. At first glance, it may seem that the weight of eight bottles put together will be insignificant. But when you collect them, the bar can be too heavy for you. In order not to overdo it, you need to initially calculate the weight that you can lift without causing harm to the body. After a certain time, you will be able to pour sand into the bottles or add additional load on each side. Well, now you know how to make a barbell with your own hands.

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