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Man is a being reasonable and endowed with that,which is not found in animals, namely, by searching for the meaning of life. The purpose and meaning of being are interconnected things and go one after another: first the goal, and then the meaning. That's why it's so important to determine your goals. In addition, it is important to understand what the goal is.

Concept of purpose

conscious image of the anticipated result is

A conscious image of the anticipated result -this is the goal. In other words, it can be said that the goal is a mental visualization of the final result. That is, you need to imagine, and as much as possible brighter and more natural, what we want to have in the end. And it does not matter what the result is, whether it's a well-paid job or a slender figure. It is the goal that is most clearly understood, and will help us achieve the final result.

If the goal is ambiguous and unclear, the conscious imagethe anticipated result can not be recreated in any way in your imagination, then the result will be corresponding or simply no. Goals are very important in the life of any person, after all, reaching them, we increase our self-esteem, significance and belonging to the society in which we all need.

What should be the goal?

As was mentioned above, a conscious imageAn anticipated result is simply necessary when it comes to any purpose in life. The well-known American psychologist Albert Bandura, who was closely involved in the study of this issue, singled out several important aspects that characterize the optimal goal. These include the following:

conscious image of an anticipated result

  • Specificity and clarity. A conscious image of the anticipated result is the goal that is understandable, not vague. Otherwise, the achievement of the result would be difficult.
  • Proximity. If the goal is very far, then the image of its result is difficult to imagine, which already in advance condemns the ultimate goal to failure.
  • Difficulty, but reachability. There must be a golden mean. On the one hand, too light a goal makes you relax, and too heavy gives you a persistent feeling of helplessness.
  • Step-by-step, which gives a sense of small victories at each stage, and also helps quite easily to cope with failures.

Characteristics of Heinrich Altschuler

The famous author of the theory of solving inventive problems also formulated the characteristics of a goal that can satisfy any individual.

purpose conscious image of an anticipated result

These characteristics include the following:

  • Concreteness and practicality.Without these two components, the goal turns into something difficult and ultimately unnecessary. There should be a clear sequence of actions, as well as a clear understanding of the meaning of the action.
  • Novelty either in new ways of achieving the result, or in the very unrepeatability of the goal.
  • Anticipating his time. The goal should not keep pace with the times, it should be ahead of it, and how much - to solve a specific person.
  • Significance and usefulness to society. The goal should be noble and carry a socially useful load, otherwise its achievement will not bring good results to the one who so much aspired to it.

If the characteristics of the goal presentedAlbert Bandura, are of a general nature, therefore they are suitable for a wide range of people, then the characteristics of Altshuler are for a narrower circle of people who make a significant contribution to the science and history of mankind. That is why, if we take into account that the conscious image of the anticipated result is the ultimate goal, it is important that it meets all the above characteristics and aspects.

Goal setting

When the goal is already clear and understandable, we can consider that this is a huge achievement on the way to its implementation. Without understanding the goal, it is impossible to achieve anything in life at all.

conscious image of the anticipated result is called

Now let's turn to the goal setting algorithm.What stages need to be lost in your mind on the way to realizing the goal? So, the specifics are already there, now it is important to formulate the goal in such a way that the responsibility for its implementation lies entirely on you. Otherwise, there will always be a loophole to transfer the measure of responsibility to others, and then they will be accused of failing to achieve the goal. That's why you need to rely only on yourself, not taking into account third parties.

Then you need to recreate the moment in your mind,when the goal has already been achieved. It can be said that the conscious image of the anticipated result is and is an almost achieved goal, that's why it is important to try to keep this image as long as possible. This will be the motivation that is necessary to achieve the goal.

Emotions and feelings during the re-creation of the image

Our emotions and feelings during the mental reproduction of the final result will serve as an indicator of how well the goal is chosen and will fill our internal needs in the end.

If feelings are negative, youuncomfortable and uncomfortable, it is a signal that something is wrong. In this case, you need to go back, first to one stage, and again to test your emotions and feelings. If again there is a feeling of discomfort, then it means that something should be changed. It is possible that a change will be required at the very beginning when setting the goal.

conscious image of the anticipated result of achieving
As mentioned above, the goal is almost reached,if there is a persistent conscious image of the anticipated result. Our ability to concentrate on this image influences our achievement, as well as our attitude to this image. That's why it's so important to keep track of your emotions and take them into account.

If the emotions are okay, there is no negative, you can safely go on.


After all the previous steps have been completed,You can still make one check that the target was chosen correctly. Try to imagine your life after the goal has already been achieved. What will change in life and in relations between relatives and friends? A conscious image of the anticipated result is called the goal, so this image will help you to understand whether you made the right choice.

If the soul remains calm and firm conviction that the path that you have chosen - yours, you can safely move towards the realization of the goal. And the result will not disappoint you!

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