What is conflict?

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Man - being is not only reasonable, asit is considered to be, but also conflictual. "I think, therefore, conflict" - that's how you can change a common phrase. To begin with, we will understand what conflict is and what kinds of conflicts exist.
By the way, many people often confuse this concept withscandal, quarrel. But these things are different. The scandal and quarrel often have a destructive nature and are aimed at getting out of balance, "finishing off" the other person or whether they happen when desperately want to prove their case. No matter what.

But what is conflict? He, unlike a quarrel, is not always destructive. Conflict is just a way to move to a new level.
Many mistakenly refer to squabbles at work and family conflicts as conflicts, but we remember that it is impossible to equate these concepts.

The most common are family conflicts, workers and conflicts with oneself, the so-called "internal" conflicts.

Family conflicts are a natural process and,perhaps there is not a single family in the world wherever they arise. Another thing is that it is necessary to solve them in a civilized way, and not to start blaming relatives or, worse, to pretend to be a victim. This is a dead-end road.

What is personality conflict with you? Man is truly an entire universe. Every day we are faced with a choice - what to do, what to refuse, what to choose and what to give preference. For example, I want to dress well, go for a massage and wear quality clothes. But I know that with someone from my family there has been a disaster and people need help. Including material, for example, for treatment. And inside of me the conflict begins to ripen. I am not obliged to contribute to treatment. And although I have money for savings, I planned, say, to rest in the Maldives. And now what i can do? There is an internal conflict that speaks in a person in hundreds of voices. It is also taken into account the fact that this money was given to me very hard, that I had to work for two years without leave, on the other hand, someone needed help and, possibly, this life depends on the person's life ... How to resolve the conflict situation? In this case, the conflict is a blessing, because it allows you to finally dot the "and". Namely: I decide finally - in what place is charity for me and in what place - love for myself. Let's drop morals, the article is not about that. So, in that case - what is conflict? Nothing but a way of knowing yourself. And this is good. This brings clarity, at least.

And what is conflict at work? And again, I remind you, this is not about squabbling, gossiping, or being sidetracked. At work, the conflict arises when, say, labor responsibilities are distributed unevenly, where there is no social justice - in the final analysis, a conflict arises. Despite the fact that the process is painful, but at least it becomes clear what is expected of you in the team, including the authorities, and what you expect. And also, do you have common expectations of common ground.

Another question is that it is necessary to resolve conflict situations correctly, without slamming the doors or throwing a statement of dismissal in the person of the authorities.

In psychology, even there is such a thing - cultureconflict. Although, perhaps, this sounds somewhat strange, but the term just means that the conflict must be directed to the constructive channel, and not to the destructive one.

And the last question - who conflicts most often? Those who are trying to find their place in life. Conflict is especially characteristic of adolescents, young families who are just beginning to get used to all thinking people (speaking of internal conflict).

Conflict, just do not go to quarrels and accusations. And best of all do not go on a destructive path.

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