Deviant behavior: what is this, if not an indicator of problems in society?

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deviant behavior what is it
Ideal society exists only in theliterary works and fantasies. Of course, who would not want to be in the community of peaceful, law-abiding people who work together to build a happy life? Unfortunately, the realities of modern life make us forget about such utopia. Human society is absolutely impossible to imagine without a certain number of persons with deviant actions. Deviant behavior - what is it, where does it come from and is it a norm for public order?

What is the norm?

You should start by mentioning the norms of behavior. It is logical that if there is a deviation, then there is also a certain standard in accordance with which certain conclusions are drawn. Social-deviant behavior is an activity that does not fit into the framework of social norms. The latter are certain patterns, patterns of behavior; this is a kind of expected from the subject behavior. Social norms can operate at various levels of the social system, that is, in small groups (families, students) and large social groups (nations, gender and age groups, society as a whole). Despite the fact that these norms, as it were, drive people to a certain standard, they are called upon to preserve and regulate order in the social system.

socially deviant behavior
Where do the deviations come from?

A logical question arises: deviant behavior - what is it? Insolvency index of the legal system? An indicator of the instability of society? One way or another, it is by no means impossible to ignore this social phenomenon. Having ascertained the reasons for the deviant behavior, one can understand the problems of the whole society. From the point of view of Emile Durkheim, deviation in behavior is caused by the problematic situation of the society in which old norms have already outlived themselves, and new ones have not yet appeared. A person loses support, and the phenomenon described is a defensive reaction in response to what is happening. The sociology of deviant behavior indicates a society's reaction as one of the causes of deviations. If deviation is perceived indifferently or with humor, this behavior will be repeated. The society must take measures to resolve deviations while they are still at the initial stage.

sociology of deviant behavior
Types of deviant behavior

Absolutely unpredictable forms can takedeviant behavior. What are these forms? First of all, these are illegal actions, that is, violations of the law. Also, deviations can manifest themselves in the form of autodestructive tendencies (masochism). Finally, antisocial behavior, which involves attempts at suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Also deviant behavior can be expressed individually or collectively, either singly or permanently. Thus, we have obtained a general picture of the deviating actions. If deviations appear as single isolated cases, then there is no reason for panic. In a situation of collective and often recurring forms of such behavior, one can speak of a negative trend in society. Deviant behavior - what is this, if not an objective indicator of problematic places in the social system? ..