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All early server admins, sooner or laterbegins to be interested in the question: "How to promote the server of GTA: SAMP?" The PR of the SAMP server can be conditionally divided into two types. The first, it's the easiest, - to order PR for money and not to fool yourself. And the second one is free, but you'll have to spend several weeks of your free time here. Piarjatsja free of charge often in two stages. Below we will talk about the possible ways of PR (and proven) and give some tips for you to get the maximum effect from PR.

PR of minecraft servers

As the well-known SAMP servers are promoting

Most likely, you were already interested in howuntwisted such "monsters" as SAMP-RP and ADVANCE-RP. It is worth paying attention to the fact that they had certain privileges, they were the first to enter this sphere and had no competitors. But still, how did they conduct and conduct the PR campaign of the SAMP server now? When the server is visited by a sufficient number of players (at least 100), you need to encourage them to invite their friends to play. Actually, so well-known servers and support their online: they give a certain reward for the invited friends. The bonus is given when the invited player reaches a certain result, for example, the level in the game.

It often happens that the player is bored,For example, the RP mode of the game, and he wants to go to the DM server. The owners of large servers keep several projects (they try to have servers with different game modes) and conduct a mutual PR of the servers directly on the servers (on the RP-server they advertise DM and RPG-servers, and on the DM server - RPs and RPGs, etc.). .

How to free up your server SAMP

Free PR campaign of the SAMP server is no differentfrom how to conduct a PR server Minecraft. There are a lot of so-called server ratings. Anyone can add their own server there. Rather, ai-pi server, name, website address, forum, banner and so on. The procedure for adding a server in different rankings is slightly different. After adding your server to this database, you need to take the first places in the lists, since the number of players who will come to you depends on where you are in the ranking.

The place in the rating is determined by the number of votesfor your server. Naturally, no one will vote so simply, you will have to pay money for votes (there are services where you can buy votes for a small fee, about 50 kopecks one vote). But since we are going to PR for free - we will have to ask already existing players to vote, and in return they pay in domestic currency, things or donat-funds. Similarly, server catalogs work with ratings (this is practically the same thing).

But how to get the first players? It's worth starting with your friends, if you are, of course, not ashamed to show your server to them. Well, if it's embarrassing - do not waste your time and time of potential players.


So, you invited a few of your friends, they- their own. You already have at least 10 players, even if they do not even play, just arrange that they vote every day for your server (you can remind them just in case). But this is not enough. Now is the time to look for communities in social networks where SAMP servers are advertised (usually servers in the same group are advertised for different games: SAMP, Maincraft, Rast, CS, etc.). We hope you found about a dozen such communities. Now every day, and even better - several times a day, we advertise on their server's wall. To attract more attention, write not only the server of the server, but its pluses (which is better than others), add a beautiful picture (a landscape from Los Santos or San Fierro) and sign the name of your server on it. Have enough patience, and so in a couple of months all the slots on your server will be occupied. Good luck!

How to properly PR server

The procedure for server PR was described above,but there are certain nuances, without taking into account which, you can only harm the server. For example, if you actively vote in ratings and directories with the help of friends or for money, you can be excluded from the rating. Ask why? It's simple. The administration keeps track of how many people are playing on your server. For example, only you and two of your friends have been playing on the server for the last 24 hours, you decided that this is no good, and ordered two hundred votes in the rating. The administration noticed that a lot more people voted for your server than they played, considered it a cheating and banned your server. The only way out is to change the IP. Similarly, with groups in VC. If you advertise your server several times in a row, and leave it in comments to other servers, then you will be banned for spam. Conclusion: we do everything extremely accurately, and you will be happy.

How much does it cost to qualitatively propiarit server

To quickly start your server, you canadvise to order advertising on the same ratings. For the money for which you can get votes, it is better to buy a place for a banner at the top of the rating. So you are guaranteed to be in the spotlight, not in the BAN. Also, the ratings offer the service of raising your server to the TOP for a couple of hours or until no one overbook this site, then your server will go down one step. It is very difficult to name the exact price, because it depends on the attendance of those resources on which you will order advertising.

program for PR server samp

If somewhere you will be told thatthere is a program for the PR campaign of the SAMP server, or even try to sell such a "miracle", run away from the grief-seller: this is all a divorce, at best bots will occupy only slots on your server, players will not become more interesting to play.

PR server samp

How to encourage users to invite friends to the server

Further PR of the SAMP server depends not only onratings, but also on how to invite friends to the server. Playing with friends allows you to have more fun. And what to say, if a gamer plays with friends, then there is less likelihood that he will leave the server. How to force to invite friends? Do some bonuses, for example "invite a friend to the server - get an instructor's suit". You can also organize a family system, for example, by inviting friends to the server. They, having registered in the game, will become your children. You can invent a lot of things. We wish you creativity and success in the development of the server!

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