The best resort cities of Ukraine

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Let Ukraine not be so popular withforeign tourists like Turkey, Bulgaria or Croatia, but there is something to see. Something, but you will not have to miss this Eastern European state. Beautiful scenery, a huge variety of landscapes, interesting sights, unique natural, historical and architectural monuments - all this awaits the curious travelers. It is difficult to describe all the resort towns of Ukraine, because there are a lot of them, but you can highlight the most interesting for visiting.

resort cities of ukraine
Despite the fact that the most populartourists enjoy the Carpathians and Crimea, in Ukraine there are many more places that are not inferior to them in beauty and uniqueness. If you want to spend a few days away from civilization and also to improve your health, you should visit the sanatorium of Mirgorod. Many interesting sights are concentrated in the Vinnytsia region, and the beauty of the local landscapes will amaze everyone.

The resort cities of Ukraine at sea are aloneof the most visited places in the country. The state is washed by two seas: Azov and Black. Near the first can be identified Berdyansk, but still the main resorts are located on the Black Sea coast. It is impossible not to mention the beautiful Crimean peninsula, which is remarkable not only for its amazing nature, mountains, forests, caves, but also for its cultural and architectural heritage. To this day, archaeological work is under way here, revealing new details of the life of the indigenous population.

resort cities of ukraine at sea

The resort cities of Ukraine, located on thepeninsula, annually take not one million tourists, many of whom are foreigners. Sea air, mountain routes, man-made attractions, a huge number of nature reserves and reserves, excellent places for diving and fishing - all this, of course, attracts travelers, making their stay unforgettable. The map of the resort cities of Ukraine will help you decide on the choice and visit one of the healing places of this hospitable country.

Absolutely all vacationers for a long timeare impressed by the visit to Odessa. Other resort cities in Ukraine can not compete with the capital of humor in terms of brightness, uniqueness and uniqueness. It is difficult to convey in words the atmosphere reigning here. A huge number of architectural and historical attractions, comical manners and the voice of locals, beautiful landscapes - all this can not be left without attention of tourists.

map of resort cities ukraine

On both sides of the Carpathians there are skiresort cities of Ukraine with their unique ski slopes of varying length and complexity. Bukovel, Dragobrat, Tysovets, Slavske with joy meet guests. If there is a need to be cured, then it's worth to go to Truskavets, Yaremcha, Morshin and other places with healing mineral springs. To plunge into the history and culture of the people, it is worth to visit Zaporozhye, and more specifically the island of Khortitsa, where the Zaporizhzhya Sich was founded. It is impossible to list all the interesting places in Ukraine, because each city is attractive in its own way. Tourists, who decided to go on a trip around this country, will never regret their decision.

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