A few tips on when and where to rest in Egypt

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Egypt is a country with a beautiful tourist destination.infrastructure, which developed since the XIX century. Therefore, tourism business is not so easy to undermine. Even if Egypt starts to appear in the news bulletin, do not worry and go boldly to rest. No political upheaval will affect the two main resorts of the country: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Here we are a little and decided on where to have a good rest in Egypt. These two cities are divided by the Red Sea, and each has its own characteristics, including climatic features. Do not forget that over the past 50 years, the resorts have grown and now represent a whole cluster of villages stretching along the coast for 100 or more kilometers.

Where it is better to have a rest in Egypt

Every vacation we plan, based on ourfinancial opportunities. And in this sense the question of when to have a better rest in Egypt plays a key role. Since the prices for tours are very dependent on the season. The most favorable climatic characteristics are April-May and October-November. There is still no suffocating heat, but the water has already warmed up (or has not cooled down yet). Also, the prices skyrocket during the holidays: from Catholic to Orthodox Christmas. Expensive also in the period of March 8, for the May weekend. The fall in prices is observed in early December (until the 20th day), in January-February. In summer, you can also buy quite affordable tickets, as Egypt and Turkey compete with the Mediterranean countries. Far from all can endure the African heat. The hottest month in the resorts of Egypt is September.

Where to have a good time in Egypt
Based on the time at which you plan tocome, you should choose where to have a better rest in Egypt. The coast of Hurghada is too open for the winds, but the sea is shallow. Therefore, the best for recreation here will be December (when the water still keeps the summer heat), as well as the summer months and September (when the breeze from the sea softens the heat). Sharm El Sheikh, sheltered from the north by the mountains, will give the winter holidaymakers quite comfortable temperature indicators of water and air. But we should not forget that this resort is considered the most fashionable, and the prices here are not very much falling off the season.

When it is better to have a rest in Egypt
"Big Hurghada" is a huge coast, and inEach separate village has its own specific microclimate. In January, when sandstorms come from the desert, it's quiet and calm in Domina Bay. And in Safaga, there is almost always a fresh wind, which makes this resort a favorite place for windsurfers. Playing beaches plays an important role in choosing where to have a better rest in Egypt. In Sharm-El-Sheikh, they are mostly pebble, and in Hurghada - pure white or golden sand. However, before you decide on a particular hotel, you should study the feedback of visitors about entering the sea: not everywhere the shore is cleared of sharp stones and corals, and here and there to the depths go well very far.

The concept of a successful holiday is different for everyone, and ourpreferences should also be considered when deciding where to rest in Egypt. Fans of diving and snorkeling will like the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh, since it is more beautiful than coral reefs than there is anywhere in the world. Especially popular among divers is the resort of El Quseir. For relaxation with young children, Makadi is best suited. But for fans to "hang out" on the question of where it is better to rest in Egypt, the answer is one: in the central hotels of Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. And what if you planned a rich excursion program? Then Hurghada is a more convenient starting point for departures.

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