Holidays in Egypt: reviews and description

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It is believed that Egypt is a favorite holiday destinationRussian tourists. Attracts travelers here warm weather, which is almost independent of the time of year, comfortable beaches, mysterious pyramids and high-class service offered in hotels. Rest in Egypt reviews recommend and how pretty budget. Fans of diving prefer to come here, because the unique flora and fauna of the Red Sea is fascinating with its beauty.

holidays in egypt reviews

Rest in Egypt with children reviews describe how toquite comfortable. For small travelers there are many entertainments. Most hotels are designed for families, have children's clubs. In the menu of restaurants, there are almost always dishes for babies.

Getting to Egypt is easy enough, because heredaily liners fly from many large cities of Russia. Perhaps the most common among the Russians is the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Also among the tourists are popular cities such as Alexandria, Hurghada, Cairo. Begin to be successful and such young resorts as Marsa Alam and Soma Bay.

Rest in Egypt reviews of tourists recommend infirst of all those who prefer the bright sun and golden sandy beaches. However, there are enough sights in the country, which are only pyramids, the flow of tourists to which does not dry out. In addition, travelers are attracted to the Temples of Luxor, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings. You can see these attractions in one trip. A similar route is offered in almost all hotels, no matter how far away they are from historical monuments.

Rest in Egypt reviews describe and how time,which can be well spent for shopping. Most of all tourists are interested in various souvenirs. Original figurines, hookahs or papyrus - all this is sold at a low cost.

holidays in egypt reviews of tourists
I must say that there are no fixed prices in many souvenir shops and in the bazaar, so local shops are great for those who like to bargain.

holidays in egypt with children reviews

Rest in Egypt reviews of tourists recommend assufficiently saturated and filled with vivid impressions. Many hotels have their own discos and nightclubs. Thanks to this, you can have fun without leaving the hotel.

Women who go to this country, you need to remember that the calling clothes are not very welcome here, especially if there is a walk outside the hotel.

Hotels in the resorts of Egypt are presenteddifferent categories. Here there are both hotels with world names, and local boarding houses. The level of service in most of them is close to European, and the cost of living is low. This is one of the undeniable advantages, thanks to which thousands of tourists from all over the world come here, no matter what. Excursions on camels, mysterious pyramids, exotic plants - a list of what is recommended to see, being in Egypt, you can list for a long time.

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