Choose where to rest on the sea with children

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Choosing where to have a better rest at sea with children,it is necessary to take into account several factors. First, the ecology of the resort is very important; secondly, the developed infrastructure of children's entertainments is desirable so that a small tourist does not get bored there.

where it is better to relax at sea with children

These conditions are met by the Black Seathe coast of Bulgaria, for example, the resort of Albena, which is great for a quiet family holiday. Bulgaria, as you know, is famous for its excellent ecology: there is no industry on the coast, but lots of greenery. Sandy beaches here are the widest and one of the cleanest in the country. Along the coast of Albena, the sea is shallow, the entrance is gentle, which is very convenient and safe for bathing small children. The temperature in summer is comfortable, there is no exhausting heat, as in Turkey or Egypt, which is also good for recreation with children. And, finally, there is a well-developed infrastructure of entertainment, amusement parks, there are many playgrounds.

where it is better to relax with a child at sea

And besides Bulgaria, where it is better to relax at sea withchildren? Many parents choose the resorts of the Mediterranean. The optimal time for rest in this region is June, the end of August, the beginning of September. At this time the sea already has time to warm up, but there is no exhausting heat. The beaches of Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, Egypt will provide excellent options for where to relax with your child at sea. Here everything has to rest: sandy or pebble beaches, warm, gentle sea, and, of course, developed infrastructure. Many hotels have their own playgrounds, water parks, children's clubs and even small zoos, which are very popular with children.

Choosing where to have a better rest at sea with children inEgypt, you need to carefully approach the choice of the hotel. The fact is that the Red Sea has many coral reefs that can be dangerous for children. In addition, it is not allowed to go directly along corals, so vacationers dive from the pontoon, where the reef ends, which means a deep depth immediately, which, of course, is completely inconvenient for the child. However, on the Red Sea there are hotels that have both sandy beaches with a shallow and child-friendly bottom, and coral where you can admire flocks of colorful fish.

holiday at sea with children in Russia

Holidays at the seaside with children It is also possible in Russia, it even has a lot ofadvantages. You do not need to go abroad, which means there is no need to issue visas and all sorts of permits for the child's removal. In addition, you relax in your native country, where the child is all familiar - language, customs, people. And this is very important, since foreigners and their incomprehensible language - stress for the baby. And, last but not least, financially, you will most likely win too.

Where is the best place to have a rest on the sea with children in Russia? You can choose the Sea of ​​Azov. These resorts are traditionally chosen for family holidays. Near the coast, the sea is shallow, the bottom of the gently sloping water warms up fairly quickly. In recent years, the infrastructure of children's recreation is developing intensively here. Thus, rest with children on the Azov Sea will be comfortable and inexpensive.

And, finally, with the children it is perfectly possiblerelax on the Black Sea. Even in Soviet times, the resort Anapa was considered a children's health resort, and today the buildings of new modern hotels have grown and arranged here, old sanatoriums and boarding houses have been completely reconstructed, and a modern entertainment infrastructure has been created.

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