Study of Sheremetyevo airport plan - assistance for passengers

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Sheremetyevo is the most famous airport in the Moscow region. It is the largest in terms of passenger traffic in Russia and is still among the twenty largest air gates in Europe.

Exploring the airport plan to save time

Now we will consider the plan of Sheremetyevo airport,which will help us understand the notation of terminals. There are several of them. They are designated by letters A, B, C, D, E, F. There is a special complex for various cargoes under the name "Sheremetyevo-Cargo". At the moment, terminals B and C do not work because of the construction of a new terminal building.

Sheremetyevo airport plan

The Sheremetyevo airport plan includes terminal A,which serves passengers of business aviation. By location, it is in the north-eastern part of Sheremetyevo and to the east of terminal S. Terminal B was next to C, namely in the northern part of the airport. In the terminal there are eight seats serving Aeroflot's aircraft. There are also 22 places in the western sector serving aircraft business aviation, five places in the eastern sector for cargo flights. In June-August 2014, the terminal serviced the passengers of Dobrolet - a more budgetary airline. In September 2014, he had to close because of the construction of a new building.

Sheremetyevo airport plan

Terminal C is located next to terminal B, innorthern part. Usually charter flights are served here. There are racks in the amount of 30 pieces, where passengers are registered, as well as thirty-six cabins for passport control, automatic examination of all baggage and its sorting. In April 2017, Terminal C was decided to close for a while, in order to integrate it with the new terminal V.

New terminals

Sheremetyevo airport plan includes a terminalD, which is in the southern part. There are also terminals E and F. Since 2012 the terminal is considered the international airport of Sheremetyevo. The very first flight was made in November 2009 in the city of Sochi. In 2010, Terminal E began to operate. It serves flights of Aeroflot partners and some other directions of Aeroflot.

Sheremetyevo airport

In the same southern part there is Terminal F. It has a railway station square, hotels, an air terminal with teletraps and other production buildings.

Airport Cargo Complex

This complex processes and accepts goods,performs their issuance, provides information on air mail traffic. We examined the basic plan of Sheremetyevo Airport. The division into terminals made convenient orientation in the station building. Hopefully, the convenience of use, quality service of passengers will not leave anyone indifferent. Today, everyone can come to Sheremetyevo airport, buy a ticket and go wherever they want. Successful flight!

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