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Today we will tell you who Vinokurov Evgeny Mikhailovich is. His biography will be described in detail later. It's about the Soviet poet. He is a laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.

early years

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So, our today's hero is Evgeny Vinokurov.His biography began in Bryansk. It was there that our hero was born in 1925, on October 22nd. A year earlier, his father was transferred to this city. We are talking about the military man Mikhail Nikolaevich Peregudov, a native of Borisoglebsk, who later became a major in state security and the head of the Kiev district department of the NKVD in Moscow. The mother of our hero, Evgenia Matveyevna, came from the family of a hatter. She worked in the factory zhenotdele. Then she became the first secretary of the district committee of the CPSU (B.).

early years

eugeny distillers biography
Evgeny Vinokurov after the end of the ninth gradein 1943 he was drafted into the ranks of the army. He graduated from the artillery school and, not yet reached 18 years, took over the duties of platoon commander. The first poems of our hero were published in 1948 on the pages of the magazine "Smena". They were supplemented by the preface of IG Ehrenburg. In 1951 Vinokurov studied at the Literary Institute named after Gorky.


vinykurov evgeny mihailovich biography
Eugene Vinokurov called his first book "Poems about Debt." It was published in 1951. In 1956, his collection "Sineva" appeared. This work was approved by Boris Pasternak.

"Seryozhka with Malaya Bronnaya" is a poem,created in 1953. It tells of the Moscow boys who did not return from the front, and their mothers are described in the work, fading in empty apartments. This work is one of the most famous in the military domestic lyrics of the twentieth century. Andrew Eshpai in 1958 put it on the music.

Our hero consciously became the continuer of traditionsphilosophical lyrics of Baratynsky and Tyutchev. The starting point in his poetry was the experience of war, which was filed without false heroics. Poems of this poet are devoted to death and loneliness. They were born as memories. In these works there is no narrative. The author conveys the essence at first glance of inconspicuous events and things. To penetrate the depths of human existence, he chooses feelings in the border situation, images of the city and technical civilization. Extremely rare in his works, nature arises. Everyday life, as well as a civilization in which a threat to the peace of the soul is visible, our hero was given inspiration for his creative work. The poetry of this author was born a special power, which he trusted and therefore practically did not correct what he had written before.

To uncover the truth, he used paradoxes,duality of meaning and contrasts. The man portrayed the man as a doubter, as well as a seeker. The author did not say anything, he only outlined the outlines. The poet returned the original meaning to the words and placed them in a very unusual context. With the help of rhyme, he sought to strengthen the meaning of thought.

Let's return to the activity of our hero.Together with Stepan Shchipachov, he headed the poetry department of the October edition. He published Bella Akhmadulina, Boris Slutsky, Leonid Martynov, Yaroslav Smelyakov, Nikolai Zabolotsky. In 1971-1987 he held the post of the head of the department of poetry in the magazine "New World". Under the editorship of our hero was published the work "Russian poetry of the XIX century." For a long time he was the leader of the creative seminar at the Literary Institute. Vasilevsky, the poetesses of Nikolayev and Kovalev, the historian Koshel, the journalist and the poet Didurov participated in it. Since 1952 he was a member of the CPSU. He died in 1993, on January 23rd. He was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery.

Family life

Evgeny Vinokurov was married.His wife - Tatiana Markovna. She was the daughter of Mark Nathanovich Belenky, a psychiatrist, as well as a deputy of the People's Commissar of the Food and Supply Industry. She is the author of a book of memories called "Happy You, Tanya", which was published in 2005. After the divorce, which occurred in 1978, became the wife of Anatoly Rybakov. Our hero has a daughter - Irina Vinokurova, who lives in the United States and is a literary critic. It should also be noted that the poet received a number of awards. In particular, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the State Prize of the USSR, as well as medals.


evgeny vinykurov a brief biography
Eugene Vinokourov in 1951published his first literary work entitled "Poems about duty." In 1956, the books "Sineva" and "Military lyrics" were published. In 1958, the work "Confessions" appears. In 1960 the work "The Face of Man" was published. In 1962, our hero published two books: "The Word" and "Lyrics". In 1964, the work "Music" appeared. In 1965 the work "Earth limits" was published. In 1966 the work "Poetry and Thought" was published. In 1967 the author publishes two books at once: "Voice" and "Rhythm". In 1968, the book "Muscovites, or in the fields beyond the Vistula drowsy" is published. Soon there is a work called "Spectacles".

Now you know who Eugene Vinokurov is. A brief biography of this poet was given above.

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