Biography of Pushkin: a brief summary for fans of the poet's work

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Everyone knows how the poet was Pushkin. Biography confirms that this is a great man who left a great legacy for his descendants after his death. His name has become a household name, his works are still in the school curriculum. And children should be familiar with Pushkin's biography. Its brief content is suitable for familiarization both in school and at home.

Childhood and youth

biography of Pushkin
The future poet, who stirred up his worksthe whole world, was born in 1799. It happened in Moscow, on June 6. And his great upbringing was largely influenced by my grandmother, she had a rest in the summer. At the age of 12, he became a student of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. It was thanks to the subsequent six years that the poetry talent of Alexander Sergeevich was formed. Pushkin's biography (a summary including) tells us that it was during the years of his studies at the Lyceum that he began his literary career. In parallel, Pushkin was in the literary community called "Arzamas". Approximately from 1816 Alexander's poetry begins to "grow up". After the Lyceum, he serves in the College of Foreign Affairs. During these years he became a member of another literary community.

The Decembrists and Pushkin

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin Biography
Alexander Sergeevich never got closecame into contact with the activities of the Decembrist organizations. What can not be said about his friends. And this fact influenced the poet's work. From under his arm came the poem "Liberty", "To Chaadayev." And the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" he began to create in the years of study at the Lyceum. By 1820, it was finally over. Critics were not very satisfied with this work.

Creativity at that time had somepolitical bias. Because of this, the poet was threatened with exile to Siberia. Thanks to friends and patrons (Chaadaev, Glinka) the punishment was relaxed. And the biography of Pushkin (a summary of her) reports that he was transferred to the service. In the summer of 1820, he visited the Caucasus, which left an imprint on creativity. It was the poem "The Prisoner of the Caucasus", written later, that presented Alexander with the title of the best poet of the country (albeit unofficially).


Over his legendary "Eugene Onegin" poetbegan to work in 1823. He is transferred to Odessa, and then he asks for his resignation. Pushkin goes to Mikhailovskoye to be under the care of his parents.

Amorous Affairs

poet Pushkin biography
Biography of Pushkin (her summary and fullversion) reports that he proposed to his future wife in 1830. The poet's father gives the young village of Kistenevo, near Boldino. It is there that Pushkin goes to take possession. But because of the quarantine in connection with cholera spends in Boldino almost 3 months. This was the period when the poet wrote the best of his poems, tales, prose works. Alexander married in 1831 in the capital. Together with Natalia Goncharova he goes to Tsarskoe Selo. And, finally, it was there that the eight-year work was completed - the light saw a novel in the poems "Eugene Onegin".

From the pen of a talented poet comes outlater many more amazing, great works. And he would have pleased fans with his work for many more years, if not for the tragic accident. In 1837 Alexander Pushkin died in a duel. His biography reports that after the injury he lived a couple more days, dying in agony. However, the death of the poet was worthy, like all life.

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