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Short biography of A.S. Pushkin is known to almost everyone - the ancestor of the aura (negro) Peter the Great, a Russian writer, died in a duel. Clear and clear. But is it possible, from this dry context, to draw conclusions about what made it possible for an individual to write works so popular to this day? And if to be honest to the end, it is shameful to know so little about who even now is associated with everyone precisely with Russia. And this despite the fact that more than 150 years have passed since the day of his death!

Short biography of A.S. Pushkin is a thing that is undoubtedly necessary, especially for those who wish to draw their conclusions about what influenced the thinking of the genius author. The fact is that the writer is popular for a long time, while still alive, he sang praises. As a result, the biography of Pushkin - family, wife, children and everyone who has somehow touched the author - are described in detail, and more than once. Thousands of historians and literary critics have discussed the same situations from life, and the conclusions are various. Where the truth - no one knows.

We suggest you make up your own opinion,relying solely on facts. Brief biography of Alexander Pushkin is an opportunity to assess the scale and non-standard thinking of a young active person without additional comments from specialists.


Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich was born on May 26, 1799year in Moscow, in the family of the retired Major of the Jaeger Regiment. He was the second child, the first was sister Olga (1797), and the third brother was born Leo (1805). In total, eight children were born in the family of Sergei Lvovich and Nadezhda Osipovna. But only these three could survive to adulthood, the rest died in infancy.


In 1811, Sasha entered the training inTsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where he spent six years and received the rank of collegiate secretary. In the lyceum years, his first work was published. At the same time he joined the literary society Arzamas.

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Upon completion of training, Alexander occupiesposition in the Collegium of Foreign Affairs. In 1819, joined the community of noble youth of St. Petersburg "Green Lamp", which is based on the Decembrists. Some of his poems and epigrams ("To Chaadaev", "Liberty", "Village", etc.) are printed on Decembrist leaflets. It is for this reason that the state official Pushkin was exiled to the Chisinau office, where a young writer enters the Masonic lodge. The service was not burdensome, he travels a lot and communicates with friends. Three years later he was transferred to Odessa.

In 1824 one of the letters receivedPushkin, which caused the resignation and exile of the poet in the estate of his mother, in Mikhailovskoye. In 1826, he was ordered to come to court. Nicholas I personally acts as the patron of the author, who at the time had a reputation as a freethinker.

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In December 1828 Alexander Pushkin metwith his future wife Natalia Goncharova. The wedding took place in Moscow only in February 1831. They had four children: Maria (1832), Alexander (1833), Gregory (1835) and Natalia (1836). In May 1831 the young family moved to St. Petersburg, where Pushkin began work in historical archives. They received the greatest decree - to write "The History of Peter I". This is the most fruitful time of his work. He travels, collecting information for his works.


Brief biography of A.S. Pushkin does not give an opportunity to describe in the smallest detail the life of a man who did not know the middle (as his grandmother wrote), but only extremes. Each of the 37 years of life is filled with events and ideas. This was Alexander Pushkin. The biography is brief, and for this reason, in detail, the duel on which he was fatally wounded, we will not discuss. The fact remains: two days after the incident with Georges Charles Dantes (January 29, 1837), the great poet died.

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