Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Biography and Creativity

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Yevgeny Yevtushenko (photo below) is a Russian poet. He also became famous as a screenwriter, publicist, prose writer, director and actor. The name of the poet at birth is Gangnus.

Evgeny Evtushenko: biography

Poet was born in the city of Zima, Irkutsk region 18July 1932. His father, a Baltic German by birth, Gangnus Alexander Rudolfovich, was an amateur poet. Mother, Yevtushenko Zinaida Yermolaevna, was a geologist, actress, honored worker of culture. After returning to Moscow in 1944 from evacuation, she gave her son his maiden name.

evgeny evtushenko

Yevgeny Yevtushenko began to publish in 1949, histhe very first poem was published in "Soviet Sport". In 1952-1957 years. he studied at the Literary Institute named after Maxim Gorky, but was excluded for supporting the novel "Not by bread alone" Dudintseva and "disciplinary punishment."

In 1952 the first book of poems by Yevtushenko was publishedunder the name "Scouts of the future". Later, the author called her immature and youthful. In the same 1952 Eugene, bypassing the candidate's stage, became the youngest member of the Writers' Union.

In the period 1950-1980-ies, characterized bya real poetic boom, Yevgeny Yevtushenko entered the arena of colossal popularity with B. Akhmadulina, B. Okudzhava, A. Voznesensky, R. Rozhdestvensky. They inspired the entire country with their enthusiasm, they felt independence, freshness, and unofficiality in their work. The speeches of these authors gathered large stadiums, and soon the poetry of the "thaw" period began to be called pop.

Essay on creativity

Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko - the most "loud" lyric poetPleiades of poets of that time. He published many collections of poems that have gained popularity. This is the "Highway enthusiasts", and "Tenderness", and "Third Snow", and "Apple", and "Promise", and others.

evgeny evtushenko biography

His works are distinguished by a variety of genresand a wide range of moods. The first line of the introduction to the 1965 poem "The Bratsk Hydro Power Plant" "The Poet in Russia is More Than a Poet" became a catch phrase, steadily coming into use, and the manifesto of Yevtushenko's own creation.

Not alien to him and delicate, intimate lyrics (for example,poem of 1955 "Sometimes, a dog is sleeping at the feet"). In the 1977 poem, "The Northern Bonus" Yevtushenko composes an ode to beer. Several cycles of poems and poems are devoted to anti-war and foreign topics: "Corrida", "Mother and neutron bomb", "Under the skin of the Statue of Liberty", etc.

Acquainted with the popularity of stage performancespoet: he successfully recites his own works. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, whose biography is very rich, released several audiobooks and CDs ("Berry places" and others).


In 1986-1991 years. Yevtushenko was a secretary on the board of the Writers 'Union, and from December 1991 he was appointed secretary in the board of the Commonwealth of Writers' Unions. Since 1988 - member of the "Memorial" society, since 1989 - co-chairman of the Association of Writers "April".

poet evgeny evtushenko

In May 1989 he was elected People's Deputy from Dzerzhinsky IO Kharkov and worked in this position until the collapse of the Union.

In 1991, Yevgeny Yevtushenko signed a contract with the university in the American city of Tulsa (Oklahoma) and went there to teach. In the US, the poet lives to the present day.

Health status

In 2013 Eugene Alexandrovich amputated his leg. In December 2014, the poet became ill when he was on tour in Rostov-on-Don, and he was hospitalized due to a sharp deterioration in his health.

August 24, 2015, the poet installed a pacemaker to eliminate problems with the heart rhythm.


The manner and literary style of Yevtushenko gave a large field of activity for criticism. Often he was reproached with pretentious rhetoric, praise, concealed self-praise.

Joseph Brodsky in an interview in 1972 was very negative about Yevtushenko as a man and a poet. He described Eugene as "a huge factory for reproducing himself."

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Personal life

Officially Yevtushenko was married four times. His first wife was Bella Akhmadulina (since 1954). They often swore, but quickly reconciled, because they loved each other selflessly. When Bella became pregnant, Eugene asked her to have an abortion, because she was not ready for the role of father. On this basis the stars of Soviet literature divorced. Then, in 1961, Galina Sokol-Lukonina became the wife of Yevtushenko. The woman could not have children, and in 1968 the couple adopted a boy named Peter. Since 1978, the poet's wife was his passionate Irish fan Jen Butler. In the marriage with her, sons Anton and Alexander were born. Currently, Evtushenko's wife is Maria Novikova, born in 1962. They met in 1987, when Maria, at that time just graduated from the medical school, went to the poet to ask for her mother's autograph. After five months they were married. The couple have two sons: Dmitry and Eugene. Thus, the poet has only five sons.

Yevtushenko himself says that he was lucky with all his wives, and only he is guilty of divorce. 83-year-old poet has something to remember, because he broke many women's hearts!

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