Armenian wedding

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I looked at the newlyweds and understood: miracles happen. The bride is 38, the groom is 41. Acquainted a month ago and can no longer live without each other. He lives in Italy, she is in Armenia. Today they have a wedding. A real Armenian wedding in Yerevan, and in a month it will be exactly the same in Italy.

In Armenia, the customs of the wedding dictate the church, and in Italy everything will be according to the Italian tradition. Love and happiness to the newlyweds.

I will not tell you how they met. I will only describe how the Armenian wedding with Italian relatives is going on.

In the morning in the house of the bride pre-wedding commotion. The tables are set, waiting for the groom. By tradition, he must take the bride from his father's house.

And at 12 o'clock the courtyard of the house where the bride lives,announce the signals of the machines. In the courtyard the first smoothly enters a white limousine. From the limousine comes the groom in a snow-white suit with a huge bouquet in his hands. From neighboring cars go relatives, godfather and musicians. Armenian national music plays: zurna, clarinet, dvol (hand drum).

Several women with beautifully decorated whitewedding baskets begin to dance right in the yard. A few minutes later, the bride's relatives go out to meet the guests. They enter into a dance dance. They have gifts in their hands. Each wedding basket in the dance is exchanged for a beautiful gift.

At the door of the bride's apartment there is a delay: The bride's younger brother closed the door. After a short trade, the godfather repays a fairly impressive sum. Now you can go into the apartment and sit down at a table in advance.

And at this time the female half of the groom's relatives in the closed room dresses up the bride, while wishing the newlyweds happiness, many children and other blessings.

The most important person on the Armenianwedding, after the groom and the bride, is considered a godfather, who together with the godmother directs the entire ceremony. Such are the customs of the Armenian wedding - the godfather also makes a very expensive present.

The wedding celebration in the house of the bride does not last long, because you need to have time to get married to the church, and then to the restaurant.

In general, the Armenian wedding, like any other, consists of certain stages: the house of the bride, the groom's house, the church, the restaurant - that's the route of all the movements that day.

An hour later the wedding procession leaves the courtyard of the bride's house. In the limousine now two: the bride and the groom.

The procession is sent to the church. Wedding in the Armenian church is a special sacrament. The bride and the groom submit their heads obediently in front of the altar, on their heads the crown: the priest declares them husband and wife. After accepting congratulations, photographing, the wedding procession, which is met on the way out, is sent to the restaurant to celebrate the most important day in his life.

Toasts, originally traditional shish kebab, presentedon tables with special chic, congratulations, gifts, dances ... According to custom, the Armenian wedding "plants" seven generations of relatives at its table, although today everything depends on the possibilities of the groom.

The feast lasts until late at night. The bride and groom give out small souvenirs to all guests. Believe it says that if you collect seven souvenirs from weddings, then you will find your half and you will find a family.

In antiquity, the bride, veiled, allthe celebration sat at the table without getting up, and only at the very end of the wedding did she have the right to dance a single wedding Armenian dance. During this dance she collected gifts, and these were mostly jewels. However, these times are long in the past - today the bride is having fun on a par with the groom, dancing.

Then begins cutting a huge wedding cake.

That's all. The holiday for the bride and groom is over. They have tickets for the plane, they go on a honeymoon, and the guests will continue to have fun until the morning. The Italian bride of the Armenian bride will celebrate the wedding and at home, in Italy, where they are going to live a long and happy life.

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