Which finger wears an engagement ring?


One day a moment comes when lovers decidelegalize their relationship and create a family. But not a wedding and a solemn announcement by their husband and wife, not strolling on this occasion is the main symbol of creating a family union, not wedding vows. The ring is a symbolic unity of the spouses. It is this decoration that holds together the newly-made family and their union.

There are many legends connected with the wedding rings andof legends. People believe that the wedding ring can predict how the family will live its life, whether it will be in harmony with it, whether the spouses will be able to live together until their death. They say that if young people exchange the rings during the exchange rings on the floor, then this does not bode well for a happy marriage. It is bad to lose an engagement ring, sell or remel it to a new decoration.

Rite exchange rings during the confinementmarriage union - a tradition with a rich history. Interesting is not even the fact of exchange, but why this ornament is worn on a particular finger. On which one? Let's go to the distant past and find out the answer to this question.

The first mention of that the spouse has put on a fingerfuture wife ring, described in the Bible. Joseph, getting engaged with Maria, put on her a ring on her finger. Only here on what - are still arguing: whether to the middle, or to the nameless. Determine, on which hand and on which finger the wedding ring is worn these biblical personalities, will help paintings of famous artists - Raphael and Perugino. On their canvases depicting the betrothal of Mary, it is clearly visible that Joseph was the ring finger of Maria's right hand, ringing.

In Medieval Europe, higherThe estate of the ring was worn on the middle finger or little finger. However, they changed the tradition and opinion as to which finger they wear the wedding ring, and began to put on the wedding ring on the ring finger.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Today, disputes are being held as to why this jewelry became the symbol of marriage. The most convincing answer lies in folk legends. Each finger of the human hand has its own designation. The big ones symbolize the connection with the parents. If you close your hand with the cushions of your fingers, and then try to separate them, tearing them apart, it is the thumbs that open first. People say that it's with our parents that we part faster, they grow old, leave us for another world. The index finger is a symbol of the brother and sister. They also open. This means that they will sooner or later cease to be close. But they will not leave, but simply acquire their family and other life. Little finger are children. No matter how much it would be desirable that the children were always there, they would leave their father's house one day and go their own way of life. But the ring fingers - do not open. They are destined to be together always. Here is a simple explanation on which finger a wedding ring is worn. It is on the nameless.

Another question that worries the young: "How to choose an engagement ring, so that it turns out to be a worthy decoration, both beautiful and symbolic?".

Of course, each pair has its own opinion on which model of rings to give preference. But I want to give some advice.

First, do not choose rings with complexornaments and vychekanennymi drawings. Why? The answer is simple. Over time, gold (namely, it is usually smelted wedding), or another precious metal can stop shining, scratching, wiping, losing its novelty. If the ring without an ornament, then it will not be difficult to update it. And to give shine a ringlet any jewelry master can in a few minutes. But if there are drawings on the rim or there are protuberances or hollows, then the process of updating it is longer, laborious and often impossible.

Secondly, when choosing a ring for marriage, notit is worth looking at the price or weight of the product. More attention should be paid to the fact that the ornament is liked, it was to my liking. After all, the symbol of the family union is chosen.

Third, usually choose the rings sentthe groom. This is not entirely correct. Still, for such a purchase you need to go together, together. After all, the tastes of the young are different. It will be unpleasant if the bride does not like the wedding ring. Maybe she will not express her indignation about this, but she will not be happy in the heart.

But I want to end on a positive note. On the eve of the wedding, you should not think about which finger the wedding ring is on and how much money it took to purchase it. After all, the main event will soon take place. Let's wish the newly-wedged spouses that the family was fine and love did not fade.