Personality and Society Sociology

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The human personality is studied in detail withusing various humanities, but special attention is paid to the concepts of personality and sociology sociology. In it, the main attention, especially in the study of the problem of the individual refers to social causes that affect human behavior. The basic concept used in sociology to denote the process of personal development is the notion of socialization.

Studying the personality and society of sociologyconsiders the whole process in which a person absorbs social knowledge and experience, rules and norms of behavior. As a result of this process, a person already becomes a full member of society. Usually in the process of socialization of personality, two stages can be distinguished: the process from the moment of the birth of a person and to the formation of a mature personality is the primary socialization. Secondary socialization usually occurs in the event of a change and restructuring of an already established personality.

If you turn to the concept of personality, you canTo see that in ordinary speech it is identical to the concept of a person, these two concepts have been used as synonyms for more than two thousand years. In sociology the term person designates a person as a separate unit of society, taken in the social aspect.

This is already a community of social properties of man,which is the product of social development. This individual is included in the system of social relations through communication and active substantive activity. In the process of human life and activity in modern society, there is a constant need for a secondary socialization of the individual. Considering the personality and the society, sociology concludes that the social status can change many times, as the person takes on additional knowledge and skills.

In fact, society is for the humanindividual social environment, which combines many different social factors that influence the formation of the personality and its behavior. Such a great social environment as the world community is considered by sociology as the interaction of various personalities on a world scale. From the whole concept, the social environment can be distinguished macroenvironment - this is the social division of labor and the social structure of society, resulting from the nature of this division, the system of education and upbringing in society and so on.

In addition to it there is a microenvironment - this is a school,family, work collective. The process of how the personality and society interact with each other sociology determines how interrelated. On the one hand, the environment of a person and the social system affect him, and on the other hand, the person himself with his active actions is able to change both the environment and the social environment in which he is.

In the process of such interaction,relationships that are called social. These relations are a stable definite system of communication between different individuals, which is formed in the conditions of a given society in the process of their interaction with each other. In essence, these are the relationships that are formed between people who are in different social groups.

All that we do is the resultsocial relations and any of our activities is reduced to building and reproducing these relations. If a person could succeed in something, this means that first of all he succeeded in the ability to build relationships with other people. Therefore, the relationship between the individual and society is considered not only as an activity of society, but also as an activity of an individual who, in certain social conditions, meets his needs and at the same time pursues certain personal goals.

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