How to put the stress in the word "marketing" correctly? Marketing: which syllable is stressed?

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Many words in Russian areborrowed from other languages: French, English, Greek, German, Italian and others. And often there is a question about where to put stress in the words "marketing", "curling", "indifferent", "differentiation", "elovation" and others. How to learn about the correct stress, where to look and where to read it?

The complexity may be due to the fact that we do not know how it is pronounced in a foreign language and what their rules are, and also the accent in different dictionaries can be differently placed.

Concept and origin

There are often heated debates about how to put the emphasis in the word "marketing" correctly. But first you need to understand the definition of this word and its origin.

Marketing is an organizational function at an enterprise that is necessary for the process of creating, promoting a product or service, and also for managing customer relationships.

accent in the word marketing

This concept originated in England and was formed from the noun market, which means the market and marketing, and the derivative of this word is marketing.

How to emphasize: marketing

Noun "marketing" with the ending -in indicates with its sound image the English origin, as well as the words "camping", "briefing", "bowling".

marketing stress

In this language, stress is placed on the first syllable,therefore, the stress in the word "marketing" - on the first syllable, is pronounced - "marketing". It would seem that the solution is simple, and everyone will quickly remember how to pronounce the given word, but there is also some exception.

Two possible options

According to modern rules, the stress in this wordyou can put both the first syllable, and the second. If you look at the dictionaries released at the end of the last century and in the early 2000s, then there are two options.

For example, the dictionary of Kuznetsov or Studidner, or edited by Reznichenko, where everyone agreed on a common opinion and invited each person to make a choice.

The accent dictionary is recognized officially, and in any disputes you can refer to it, including about the word "marketing" with emphasis on different syllables.

how to emphasize marketing

The word "marketing" and other Englishbusiness terms appeared not so long ago, at the end of the last century, when the market economy appeared. At first, the stress in the word "marketing", which had passed from the English language, was retained on the first syllable, and so it was recorded in dictionaries.

But many terms are eventually adapted toRussian, and the laws of foreign words no longer work, then the stress may shift to other syllables. So in polysyllabic words in Russian, stress is often shifted to the middle of the word, which happened with the word marketing, which was pronounced as "markEting". This was recorded even in the "Dictionary of the Russian language", which refers to the end of the last century.

So, the stress in the word "marketing" can fallboth on the first syllable, and on the second. In any case, everyone will be right: those who still remember that the word came to us from the English language, uses it as a marketing tool, and those who have long been accustomed to this concept and believe that it has long been accustomed to the Russian language, reads it as marketing.

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