What is biomass? What is its purpose?

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What is biomass, what are the sources of its production? What is meant by this term? First of all, we note that it can be considered a source of renewable energy.

Energy source

When considering the question of what a biomass is, it is necessary to mention that it is a question of all materials having a vegetable origin. The following materials are suitable for energy release:

  • grass;
  • wood;
  • wood and vegetable waste;
  • manure of pigs and cattle.

what is biomass

Advantages of biomass

So what is biomass? What are its advantages over traditional types of minerals? This energy source provides energy saving, improves living standards, increases well-being, reduces poverty.

Modern energy systems thatare created on the basis of application of green mass, are potential mechanisms of disposal of inhabitants of a countryside from poverty. Sources of biomass can be found in any village, village. They allow to create a sustainable development of the region, without prejudicing the ecological condition of the area.

The availability of fuel derived from biomass contributes to the development of energy-intensive industries located far from major industrial centers.

Arguing over what such a biomass is, we note that this is a resource that allows you to receive the required amount of energy (biogas) at any time.

Among the shortcomings of the use of grass as a source of fuel should be mentioned seasonality, so it will be more profitable to use this technology in warm regions.

With a rational use of biomass energy, one can count on inexpensive electrical energy without significant costs.

The issue is particularly relevant due to the reduction in the reserves of traditional hydrocarbon sources.

Senior students studying economics,the following question is proposed: "Define the meaning of the terms:" biomass "," biofuel ". The answer is a story about the main component - green grass, peat, sawdust. Confirm the effectiveness of biomass in the modern economy can be using mathematical calculations.

determine the meaning of the terms biomass

Examples of calculations

It is possible to evaluate the efficiency of manure usefor obtaining biodiesel fuel. Given the weight of cattle, the amount of manure released per day (month), the amount of gas that can be obtained from a kilogram of cow manure, you can calculate the total yield of fuel.

Multiplying the result by the cost of oneliter of diesel, you can get a cash equivalent. In order for the calculations to be complete, they subtract all costs associated with the acquisition of equipment, as well as its installation and maintenance.

sources of biomass

To calculate the payback of the project, its profitability will require more complex mathematical actions.

Search for alternative ways of obtaining energyis one of the priority tasks set for the domestic energy sector. The use of biomass is one of the ways to solve the problem of energy resources.

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