What is the custom for Muslims?

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What is custom in the broadest sense of the word? The concept of "custom" is associated with some peculiarities of the cultural life of people, events that have the property of regularly repeating themselves both consciously and unconsciously. At the same time, people can share both small groups and form large groups of people. Sometimes it happens that only one person participates in the custom. The ancient customs of all tribes and nationalities formed on the basis of faith, passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, from father to son. Vital foundations were formed from public opinion. People who know firsthand what a custom is, it is considered something important, necessary, inevitable, and most importantly, useful and enjoyable.

what is custom

Time is inexorably moving forward, setting otherlife priorities, changing the worldview of people, their morals. If the world view is changing, then the old customs lose their meaning, and consequently, their strength. People just stop observing them. As a result, traditions undergo a certain modification, transformation. Sometimes the old traditions are fully updated, replacing completely new and young, still unknown by most people. After all, what is the custom in people's lives? This is their guide! Customs continues to lead whole nations at all stages of the formation of culture - from the primitive to the present.

In one of the world religions that bearsthe name Islam, there is just a huge variety of different customs and traditions. A vivid example of the traditions and customs of a whole group of peoples is Muslim prayer.

customs of Muslims

The customs of Muslims are closely interwoven withfamily-household sphere and play a huge role in the life of believers. All of them are always connected with weddings, funerals and other similar events. In every Muslim home there must be a Koran - the sacred book of this people. It is she who contains all the injunctions of Allah. Keeping in the house of the Koran means keeping the sacred relic. Muslims believe that it protects their home from evil spirits and other evil spirits.

Every Muslim is almost from birthknows what custom is. For him, the very first practice is prayer. If a child, by virtue of his small years, does not yet understand what it is and how to do it, it simply watches how the adults pray. Muslims pray no more, no less, but five times a day. Her time is always different. But how do Muslims know when the hour of prayer came? This is reported daily in newspapers, on radio and television.

law and customs
It is interesting that the full schedule of prayersMuslims can get a whole year ahead in the Ministry of Information and Culture. Soon the authorities are planning to publish a schedule of prayers on the website of this ministry.

The law and customs of the Muslim people are none andnever dared to take it away or forbid it. Even if the Muslim is far from the mosque or a specialized room intended for this purpose during prayer, he can begin to pray directly where he is. At the same time, it will be obliged to observe a number of formalities, the most important of which is the mandatory appeal to Mecca.

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