"PokerFace" is an analytical view of the situation

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Surely you have already heard such an expression as"Poker Face" (Poker Face), even if they have never played poker. When this phrase appeared in a card game, no one knows for sure. It is known only that its ancestors were Englishmen. And now they are used in the colloquial lexicon everywhere.

What is Poker Face?

"Poker Face" is a person who does not express anyemotions. The same term can characterize the face of a person using mimic tricks to mislead opponents. It is better for each player to adjust separately.

poker it is

At the poker table, "Poker Face" is an inalienablethe bluff companion, because the main goal of the game is to win as much money as possible from the opponent. Do not forget that as long as you read the emotions of your opponents, they just try to figure out you too:

  1. Gathering a strong hand, you need to try to hide emotions or depict on the face of a subtle disappointment and thereby provoke opponents to play all-in.
  2. Professional poker players cleverly take the pot even with a weak hand. And this is done with the help of a bluff.
  3. But constantly keeping "PokerFace" isnot enough for a successful game. You need to learn to understand the face of opponents and their habits: facial expressions and gestures, manner of behavior and intonation of speech. Pay attention to any little things.

Origin of the meme "Poker Face"

He appeared due to players in poker. Mem "PokerFace" is a character that is extremely simple and at the same time very meaningful. The first time it was painted in May 2009 as an image for comics. Since then, with this meme, users reflect complete equanimity: sending a sticker with its image, they try to hide embarrassment in embarrassing situations or in this way describe the complexity of the current situation.

the origin of meme poker

In everyday life, the ability to hide valuableinformation from their opponents or competitors is a big advantage. A facial expression is a mask. What exactly is worn on you depends on the situation. But in any case, it combines a combination of acting skills with the ability to read the mood of opponents. This helps to get out of any game winner.

Representatives of Poker Face

A good example of the true "PokerFace" is the film actor Chuck Norris. His face is extremely rare emotions slip. Victoria Beckham is another bright representative of the person without any characteristic changes.

In some cases, it's appropriate to wear the "Face Face" mask, but do not get carried away. Live human emotions adorn, do not neglect it.

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