The composition "The meaning of life" - about the important for everyone

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The composition "The meaning of life" is a work that, according toidea, should be of some interest to the students. After all, you will not only need to observe all the rules of spelling and punctuation, but also think about your life. It sounds, of course, globally, but in fact it is.

the meaning of life

Main thought

Before you start writing an essay "Meaninglife ", it is necessary to think carefully about what idea will be revealed in the text. It is logical to assume that in the work on this topic the personal considerations of the author will be stated. And this is correct, although many decide to simply take and write off already finished text. But is it worth doing so, when you can just think about life yourself?

The main idea of ​​this task is to surprise the readeror listener. Maybe the author adheres to a very standard and frequently encountered point of view, supposedly the meaning of life is to graduate from the institute, get a job and get married. However, this idea can be presented in an original way, in a special way.

essay on the meaning of life

Features of style

But how to write, so that even banal wordscould "hook" the reader? In fact, everything is very simple. The truth lies on the surface, just not everyone sees it. You do not need to invent something very clever, abound with artistic expressions and epithets - you just have to write what's in your head. His thoughts are the most valuable thing a man can give.

Suppose, the author believes that the most important thing inlife is success. Career, money and so on. Well, you can write as follows: "The meaning of life is a career. Successful and built by own work. So many people believe, and this answer has long been a habit. In fact, not everyone can explain what they mean by their own words. They see the essence of the surface. But it's worth looking much deeper. Career in this case is the meaning of life. The whole life. She's our only one. What can give us a career? Money and opportunities. And due to this, you can provide yourself with a comfortable existence. Yourself and your family. Thank your parents for everything they did. Make sure that the child never knew the word "poverty". Make yourself happy. "

So, as you can see - the idea is the most common. But it is shown from a different angle. In fact, it is not so important what opinion the author adheres to. The main thing is why he thinks so. That is, the most important is the rationale for your words. The essay "The Meaning of Life" should demonstrate the worldview of the author and the way he understands the topic. It is very important to justify your words and show what makes him think that way.

 writing the search for the meaning of life

Structure and design

Usually the essay "The Meaning of Life" is asked to write(and even in universities) - students of the tenth and eleventh grades already know how this work should be structured. After all, these tasks they perform regularly - this is prescribed in the school curriculum. By the way, it is interesting that often in the exams on the Russian language give the theme is "The meaning of life." The composition of the USE can also be such. So it is very important to know exactly how to structure this work, because the assessment will depend on it in the certificate.

Initially, there is an introduction (by the way,the above example may become one), in which it is necessary to determine the problem, the topic. Then the main part. In it, the author sets out his own arguments, argues them, proves and, perhaps, convinces them.

By the way, belief is an inseparable partcompositions. Why do you need conviction? This type of text is a journalistic genre. And in journalism it is very important to be able not only to show your vision of the problem, but also to let the reader understand that it is the right one. So the proof and argumentation is very important when writing an essay on "The Meaning of Life".

meaning of life

Effective conclusion

The third part of the work, the conclusion, is veryimportant. It is the result of all the above. The essay "The Search for the Meaning of Life" must be finished spectacularly and vividly. But many words are not necessary - just one short paragraph, in which it is necessary to write a phrase that would remain in the memory of the reader. Completely suitable as an end, the following expression: "Each of us has its own way, its own way. And the meaning of life is also your own. The main thing is to make the right choice, not to be mistaken. Because life is one, and it is necessary to live it worthy. "

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