Yuri Dolgoruky: domestic and foreign policy in the period of independent rule

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Prince Yuri Dolgoruky is considered one of the greatest people in the history of Russia. The features of his historical portrait were determined by the desire to win as many lands as possible.

yuriy long-term domestic and foreign policy

Brief biography of the prince

The year of the birth of the prince still remainsunknown, historians do not quarrel about this. Some chroniclers say that this happened in 1090, others - in 1095 or in 1097. But one thing is known reliably: his father was the great Kiev ruler V. Monomakh. About the mother of the prince, almost nothing is known.

During the life of his father, Yuri ruled Vladimir-Suzdalprincipality. When his father died, the reins of Kyivan Rus were completely taken over by the heir. Since that time, the one-man policy of Yuri Dolgoruky begins.

During his life he built many cities, inthe number of which includes Zvenigorod, Yuryev-Podolsky, Moscow and others. The hero of our article was a very devout person, wanted to achieve complete independence of the city of Vladimir from the Kyiv Metropolis, but this was not allowed by the Church of Constantinople.

yuriy long-term domestic and foreign policy briefly

The activities of the prince

Yuri Dolgoruky, domestic and foreign policywhich was unique, ruled alone, without collecting the veche (people's congresses) and boyar advisors. For this he brutally paid. Due to the violation of age-old traditions, many boyars were set up against him. There is a version according to which the death of the prince is not accidental, but the consequence of a conspiracy of his opponents.

What distinguished Yuri Dolgoruky? Domestic and foreign policy is summarized in the table below.

Domestic policy

Foreign policy

1. Strengthening the power of the ruler in the ranks of the people.

1. One of the main points of foreign policy was the protection of the borders of Russia.

2. The struggle for the throne of the city of Kiev. (The prince managed to win it twice, but it did not work.) For the first time the throne was lost, for the second time Yuri's undertaking ended in success, but death prevented him from fulfilling all his plans).

2. The second important matter of foreign policy was the establishment of peaceful relations with Byzantium.

3. Development of land near the Volga River, Ryazan and Murom.

3. During the reign of the prince expanded his borders. He made his possessions the city of Murom and Ryazan. Often in civil strife, he resorted to the help of the Polovtsians.

4. Construction of temples.

5. Construction of new cities: Gorodets, Dmitrov, Moscow and others.

6. Strengthening the power of the Rostov-Suzdal Principality.

Yuri Dolgoruky, domestic and foreign policywhich was aimed at subordinating the principalities formed during the collapse of Kievan Rus, was making progress, but also making mistakes. An important factor of foreign policy was the preservation of personal borders and the protection of the state from the frequent raids of the Volga Bulgars.

Yuri's long-winded policy

The results of Dolgorukiy's policy

Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, whose domestic and foreign policy was literate, but not completely thought out, achieved such successes:

1. The Vladimir-Suzdal principality under the reign of Dolgoruky was well fortified.

2. During his rule, a number of cities were established and many churches were built. Some of the temples continue to this day.

3. Yuri initiated many internecine wars. In the course of his policy, he was unable to obtain consent and peace in the principality, for which he brutally paid his death at the hands of poisoners.

Now you know how Prince Yury Dolgoruky contributed to the history.

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