Bottle: the meaning of phraseology, history and examples of use

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Perhaps we will make a mistake if we say that it is enoughyou often hear this: "It is not worth it to climb into a bottle because of this." The last phraseology is not the most popular in Russian. Little is known about its origin.


In the Russian language the expression appeared late, in the 20th century (approximately in the second half). There are three basic theories from where it came from.

  1. Criminal. Ostensibly a "bottle" was called prisonSt. Petersburg. It was a sea prison, which was located on the island of New Holland. A remarkable theory, only one circumstance destroys it. The prison appeared in the first half of the 19th century, and therefore, the phraseology should have been known for a long time. However, history tells us the opposite.
    plunge into the bottle the meaning of phraseology in one word
  2. Alcoholic. Once upon a time, long ago, the time was restless.People did not love each other and with terrible force poisoned acquaintances with poisons, the latter were added to wine. Therefore, in the medieval taverns, a special dog was carrying a service that distinguished the poison by its smell, while it did not need to get into the bottle in the literal sense of the word, otherwise it would all end badly. And this theory is not perfect. If the phrase appeared so long ago, then it would have entered into Russian much earlier than the established period of time (20th century).
  3. Magical. The most unexpected version.Eastern mythology is known to such beings as the jinn. They live in lamps, vessels, jugs, with some reservations, the capacity can be called bottles. If the genie is offended, then he immediately ready to climb into the bottle and sit there.
    crawl into a bottle

Needless to say, no version seems so convincing? On the other hand, the reader can always choose something that is closer to his heart or mind. We move further.


The meaning of the expression "climb into the bottle" is explainedeasier than its origin. So they say about a person who reacts, using political jargon, "asymmetrically". That is, say, a man stepped on his foot in transport, and he throws himself into a fight. Nobody argues with the fact that you feel a sudden pain - a feeling not of pleasant, but is it worth it to break the chairs? Probably not. The reader can wish not to get into the bottle (the meaning of phraseology we already dismantled) without a good reason.

What word replace the idiomatic expression?

We think it is clear that the definition or fixing of too much disappointment will fit. For example:

  • To grieve.
  • Upset.
  • Be angry.
  • Buyan.
  • Take offense (the most obvious option).
  • Lose one's temper.
  • Be angry.
  • To fall into a rage, frenzy.

crawl into a bottle of phraseology

The principle is clear.The reader can easily select other substitutions and continue this series. By the way, if you want another example of excessive resentment, then the mind comes to the mind of the mafia showdown, when people are killed simply because they did something wrong, somehow violated the code of honor. All this is a bit like a knightly order. And to someone it may seem stupid. But it seems there is nothing stupid in that, for which people are ready to sacrifice their lives. And by the way, the book of Mario Puzo and especially the film ("Godfather" means, suddenly someone did not understand) is still popular with readers and viewers, which means that in such a life there is a certain amount of romance.

But this is a completely different story, and our local theme "climb into the bottle: the meaning of phraseology in one word" is considered thoroughly. We hope that the reader became, after reading, internally a little richer.

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