The symbol Kolovrat is an ancient Slavic sign

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The symbol Kolovrat, or in another way a swastika, isone of the oldest Slavic signs. He personifies the solar gods and denotes the eternal movement of the sun, the victory of light over darkness. This sign can be found on almost all items of utensils and clothing of ancient Russia. Swastika symbols were used in embroidery as amulets, were worn around the neck, carved on furniture and dishes, or used by magicians in ritual acts.

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Kolovrat symbol
Evnost was common in many countries. The most ancient finds of items adorned with a collar are from about 40 thousand years ago. And now the remains of paintings or ornaments on the temples can be found in Egypt, Japan, China or India. But most of them are found in the territories inhabited by the ancient Slavs.

Many swastiky characters are found inBuddhist temples, on the ancient tableware, the decoration of palaces in St. Petersburg. Almost all the clothes in ethnographic museums are decorated with embroidery depicting a collar. He was on household utensils, toys, walls of houses, in a mosaic of floor and weapons. The swastika is located in the middle of the bills of 250 rubles, issued under Tsar Nicholas the Second and under the Provisional Government. The badge of the Red Army soldiers has been marked with this sign. Only after the swastika, or rather one of its options, the Nazis took, it was banned.

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But this sign carries no negativemeaning, on the contrary, it protects from evil forces and misfortunes, helps to achieve success. It is a symbol of life, sunlight and eternal renewal. Therefore, he was loved by all nations at all times.

The Kolovrat symbol has many varieties,but always recognizable. This is a circle with rays curved into it with curved ends. Most often they are 4, 6 or 8. Rays can be bent to the right or left. Such symbols are considered to have opposite meanings. Right-handed kolovrat means life energy and masculine power, and the left-sided symbolizes the appeal to the world of ancestors and gods and female energy. But in ancient times both symbols were equally revered.

The whole life of our ancestors was subject to rhythmsthe movements of the sun, the changing of the seasons. All holidays, too, were all with a solar circulation. Therefore, the symbol Kolovrat was used so widely. He protected from the evil eye, illnesses and misfortunes, gave strength and wisdom. This sign reminded of the covenants of the gods and served as a symbol of eternal movement and renewal of life.

Modern studies

Kolovrat sun symbol
research has proven a deeper meaning whichhas a kolovrat (symbol). The photo of our Galaxy shows that it has the same shape as the four-beam swastika. In addition, if you draw imaginary lines from the constellation Ursa Major to the Polar Star on the starry sky during the four most important holidays of the ancient Slavs - the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox, you will get the same kolovrat.

The symbol of the sun - the most revered sign in allworld, despite the change of religions and governments. True, our people now retain a negative opinion about it, but the ancient knowledge about its true meaning is gradually returning.

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