Political life of society. The concept. Forms. Functions

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An independent state that has embarked on the pathdemocratic development, defines its main human priority, its rights and freedoms, which are enshrined in the Basic Law (the Constitution). But at times political life in society is boiling so violently that the main priorities are forgotten.

Being a part of the disciplines of political science, sociology and political psychology, political life can be viewed both in a broad sense and in a narrow sense.

In a broad sense, the political life of society -a set of processes and phenomena in society that affect the overall political situation. In the narrow sense, political life is a way of interaction between the subjects of political life, which include citizens, public organizations and political parties, state legislative and executive authorities.

The main instruments of interaction of subjects of political life are the legislative and executive powers.

Political life in modern society is veryis saturated and diverse, which is provoked by a huge number of political institutions that are guided by various political actions. Also of great importance here is the complex motivational structure of modern people: having different and unmatched value orientations, preferences and interests, their political behavior becomes diverse.

In its form, political life can be calm and saturated.

A calm political life is characterized bythe stability of the functioning of political institutions, the maintenance of the integrity of society and political stability. A well-established political system conservatively influences participants in political relations, which hinders its modernization in conditions of world progress.

Saturated political life is characterized bya breakthrough of established relations in society, leading to a protest from society, riots and, as a rule, the formation of new political institutions. A breakthrough in an established political society positively influences the introduction of new, modern technologies, contributes to the growth of political culture and democracy.

Political life is the aggregate of interests of various strata of the population, the activities of public organizations and political parties, and the movements of socio-political groups.

Political life is diverse and multifaceted, therefore it can be classified according to several characterizing signs:

- in the field of activity: social, cultural, economic, national, military;

- in scale: regional, local, world, international;

- by oblast: foreign and domestic policy.

The main political function of society inpolitical life is the direct formation of public authorities through elections and referendums. The difference between the referendum and the elections is that the first is to determine the will of the people, and the second is the direct expression of the will of the citizens.

Politics and society are closely interrelated in theirnature of occurrence. The political life of each individual society is distinguished by its dynamism, diversity, complexity of phenomena that develop on the social space, including political relations. We list its main functions: the redistribution of public goods, the expression of the interests of all social strata, the maintenance of the unity and integrity of society, the harmonization of interests, the mobilizing function.

It should also be noted that the relationship of policyand society is not so simple and straightforward. At the slightest deviation from the set course, the authorities are able to demonstrate their impotence, which in the end can lead to social instability, conflicts and the destruction of society.

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